Fireplaces in interiors have been used since ancient times. The fireplace itself, the coals crackling in it, the flickering of the flame create a special atmosphere and comfort in the room, pacify, fascinate and allow you to pass the time. If you want to have a fireplace in a modern apartment, just choose the right electric fireplace and buy it.


Electric fireplaces have gained popularity as they are safe to use. For an electric fireplace, it is not required to build a chimney, create ventilation systems, etc. In essence, an electric fireplace is a type of climate technology designed to decorate and heat a room. Where heat is released due to the electric heater installed in the hearth, enclosed for fire safety in a quartz pipe. Some models have fanin this case, we heat the room using the convection method.

There are also purely decorative models, with a picture of a flame and without a heating function. Typically, there are two types of electric fireplace:

  • A fireplace hearth is directly the firebox itself with a protective screen, usually a fireplace hearth is built into a wall niche.
  • The fireplace set is a more bulky design, made of a fireplace hearth and a decorative portal. When assembled, it looks like a full-fledged fireplace with a decorative frame, which is enough to install and connect to the power supply.

According to the method of adjusting the heating power — in a modern fireplace, a thermostat is used for this:

  • Mechanical — this is a small knob with a rheostat, by rotating which you can increase or decrease the intensity of heating.
  • Electronic — used in fireplaces with control on the LCD screen and on the remote control attached to the fireplace.

To maintain the set temperature in the apartment, a thermostat is installed in the fireplaces, it measures the temperature in the room and sends a signal to the thermostat to increase or decrease the heating power.

The fireplace can be used in various ways to simulate a flame:

  • Mask rotation — the easiest way. A mask with slots is installed in the hearth of the fireplace, and a light source is located at the base. When the electric fireplace is turned on, the mask rotates, the light is refracted and projected onto the screen, the effect of a flame pulsation appears.
  • Fabric tapes — to simulate fire, strips of silk of different lengths are used. Under them are fixed fan and backlight. When turned on, air currents lift the tapes and they tremble like flames.
  • Video — an LCD screen is installed in the furnace, on which, when the fireplace is turned on, a video of a burning fire is played. In expensive models, video is also accompanied by sound.
  • water vapor — an ultrasonic generator is installed in the fireplace, it turns water into steam and delivers it to a separate area of ​​u200bu200bthe furnace. A system of illumination of rays is projected onto the steam, which, when refracted, create the effect of three-dimensionality of fire and smoke.

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