Electric fireplace — an indispensable element of home comfort


Every day the fire becomes more and more popular. Especially if it has the shape of a fireplace in the house. Installing a fireplace is not so easy, this task is beyond the power of every person living in a simple multi-storey building. In addition, an ordinary fireplace can only be placed on the top floor, which is not always convenient and comfortable. To do this, you will have to break through the pipeline, and smoke will enter the apartment due to insufficient smoke ventilation. Yes, and this is not a cheap idea — to put a simple fireplace in your house.

Simple fireplaces have been replaced by very efficient and modern electric fireplaces that will bring an endless amount of warmth and positive emotions to your home. In the house, an electric fireplace does not create any inconvenience, what is required of you is just plug it into a socket and enjoy the warmth and comfort of home. The device itself is so quiet that you won’t even hear it. Cheerful flames are just an imitation, which at the same time fills the room with comfort and peace.

The portal for the electric fireplace must be chosen carefully and very carefully, not only in terms of color, size and installation location. Of great importance is the material from which it is made. A plastic portal with a simple dye should be an order of magnitude cheaper than higher-quality MDF and marble portals.

The market leader in electric fireplaces is an English corporation called Glen Dimplex. Dimplex electric fireplaces are endowed with a sophisticated design and are made not only in the traditional traditional English style, but also in the Hi-Tech style. Electric fireplaces can be both freestanding and wall-mounted and built into the wall or other interior items.

The price of electric fireplaces varies from 6,000 to 100,000 rubles and more. You can also buy various kinds of additional accessories for them: scoops, poker, tongs and panicles. The price of such decorative items is from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles.

Stylish, refined design, together with a combination of warmth and comfort, without burning, soot, smoke and ash, makes the electric fireplace an indispensable part of the hearth.


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