Does air conditioning cause colds?

Disputes about the possible harm of air conditioners to human health have been going on for a long time. Numerous cases of tonsillitis and other colds partly confirm this. But it is worth noting that the air conditioner itself will not automatically harm its owners from the moment it is turned on. Here, as with a technically sound car, whether an accident occurs or not depends on compliance with the rules, and not on the vehicle. Let’s consider exactly how the improper operation of air conditioners leads to a cold, and then it will become clearer how to set up the climate equipment so that it serves only for the good.

Myths about the harm of air conditioners

First, I will dispel a couple of myths about the harm of air conditioners, which are not based on anything at all. Some people think that the condensate inside the machine encourages the growth of bacteria and their supply to the room with humidified air. The most common example is legionellosis. But modern air conditioners remove all the condensate to the street through the drainage system, so the danger of getting sick with this virus no longer applies to them.

The second myth is a freon leak that can harm users. Although the refrigerant released through the leaky system is not noticeable in any way (there are no color and smell), its quantity in the unit is so small that it does not harm humans and pets at all.

When does air conditioning “cause” a cold?

Climatic equipment is able to heat the air in the autumn-spring period and cool it in the summer heat. This greatly contributes to productivity and better rest. The human body in a favorable climate is easier to tolerate physical activity.

But if the streams of cold air are directed directly at the user, and this continues for 20 minutes or more, then it is quite possible to catch a runny nose or sore throat. When the neck, ear, lower back, eyes are subjected to a chilling airflow, hypothermia occurs and inflammatory processes begin.

How much time you need to spend under the air conditioner to get sick depends on the immunity of each person.

If the user came from the street heat of +40 degrees and immediately enters a room in which it is +20, then a large temperature drop can lead to pneumonia. But as I mentioned at the beginning, people who neglect the rules of operation are to blame for all these situations, and not the equipment itself.

How to set up the air conditioner so as not to catch a cold?

In order not to catch a cold when using the air conditioner, you must follow a few recommendations:

  • The difference between the temperature on street and exhibited on device is not must exceed 15 degrees. The optimal range is considered to be 22-24 degrees.
  • Not it is worth sitting under direct currents of cold air. To adjust them trajectory, it is necessary to correct the position of the horizontal blinds.
  • If the mounting location makes you a «target» of the ice jet, then you will need to install a protective screen that will dissipate the flow. For a short stay under the blower, you should use a scarf.
  • AT when the air conditioner models are not equipped with a ventilation function, it is necessary to periodically ventilate the room to let in fresh air that kills germs. In all models need to change the filter regularly.
  • Before leaving for the street should turn off the equipment and a little «warm up» to prevent a sharp temperature drop and rid the body of stress.

By following these recommendations, you will reduce the risk of getting sick from the air conditioner to a minimum, and its operation will bring only positive emotions. If you still have questions about the correct use of climate technology, then I and other specialists will be happy to help. Contact.


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