desktop usb fan

To date, a lot of gadgets have already been invented that work from the usb port of a computer. These are lamps, clocks, coolers, keyboard vacuum cleaners and other devices that make life a little easier for an ordinary user. When it’s cold in your apartment or office, you can use a cup warmer, and in the summer heat, a desktop usb fan will be good.

Features of usb powered desktop fans

First of all, it’s design. There are hundreds of such fans on sale, stylized as an alarm clock, a flower pot, an airplane, a tennis ball, or something else. The model you choose can also look like an ordinary fan in miniature, surprising your guests or colleagues with its functionality.

So, what is the essence of this gadget, what is it for and how to use it?

A desktop USB fan will help you fight the sweltering summer heat. It doesn’t matter if you work at a computer in your apartment or in a stuffy office — you just need to purchase this useful thing that will completely replace a bulky household fan. The rotating blades of this device provide a powerful stream of air that will blow over the person sitting at the computer.

At the same time, the usb desktop fan is very quiet and economical. It consumes minimal battery power if you use a laptop or other type of portable computers. The reason for this lies in the special design of the fan blades. However, there is also a bladeless desktop fan. Such models use turbocharger technology, they provide additional safety for pets and children.

To start using your new gadget, simply plug the cord into your computer’s USB port. The device does not require installation of any additional software, which is very convenient even for novice users.


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