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Air conditioning is a great helper in creating a cozy microclimate in any home. Thanks to advertising and enthusiastic user reviews, we often buy basic climate (and why hide, and other too) equipment, the same as others. And what? It’s just a humidifier, just a heater, just an air conditioner. Only few people know how much you can diversify the interior, using not ordinary white, but designer air conditioners.

In fact, this is the same conventional air conditioner, which also purifies, cools and heats the air in the room, but with a more interesting design. Not only colors can differ, but also sizes, shape, texture, and other external parameters. To hide the air conditioner visually, you can purchase a model with a mirror front panel. In addition, this panel can always be changed if you want to update the interior a bit — for most split systems, various interchangeable options are offered.

Designer air conditioners

How to choose a designer climate system?

Considering such household appliances, first of all, pay attention to their functionality:

  • performance: it must correspond to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room, and its value must be at least 1 kW per 10 square meters. m;
  • noise level: usually it is 19-25 dB, more expensive models are quieter;
  • presence sensor: turns the device on and off depending on whether there is someone in the room, controls the power of the air flow;
  • additional functions: inverter control, air ionization, cleaning, ventilation.

Also find out if there is a service center of the selected manufacturer in your city — due to the high price of the device, not every private master will dare to repair it. And the service in the service center, where the equipment of this brand is not repaired under warranty, can be quite expensive. When choosing a design, be guided by your own preferences and the general interior of the house. Ultra-thin case, smooth lines, elegant tones perfectly emphasize high-tech, will be appropriate in a minimalist room. For classic rooms, square air conditioners with a replaceable front panel are better suited.

TOP-3 decorative air conditioners from «Smart Climate»

Consider the most popular among our customers models of decorative air conditioners from Chinese companies Hisense, AUX and MDV.

Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDEIB15

Designed for minimalistic and high-tech apartments, the split system from Hysens is available in configurations for rooms of 20, 25, 30 or 35 square meters. The built-in inverter allows you to step-by-step adjust the performance of the device, thereby saving on electricity bills. The deodorization filter will eliminate tobacco and other unpleasant odors in the apartment, and the anion generator will clean the room from harmful microorganisms and dust. The air conditioner works properly, even if the temperature outside reaches -10 ° C: agree that for a device for 30-38.5 thousand rubles is a pretty good indicator. Noise level — 24-40 dB. The system is also equipped with a self-diagnosis mode.

Scheme for comparing the operation of inverter and non-inverter air conditioners

Designer air conditioners

The «weakest» configuration of the device operates at a power of 2100 W in cooling mode, consuming 0.65 kW of electricity. When heating, the power of the device is 2150 W, the power consumption is 0.65 W. The air conditioner passes up to 600 m3 of air per hour. As for the model with the highest performance, when cooling the air, it consumes 1.131 kW of electricity, heating — 1.058 kW, and its performance is 3.7 kW and 3.85 kW, respectively. The maximum air exchange in the fourth most powerful configuration is not much higher than in the first — 650 m3 / h. Although for an area of ​​35 sq. m is enough. All packages have the following features:

  • an integrated air purification system to prevent the appearance of bacteria and germs;
  • built-in ionizer to saturate the air with useful ions with a negative charge;
  • refrigerant leak indicator for timely prevention of breakdowns.

By purchasing a Hysens designer air conditioner from us, you will receive a 3-year warranty and free shipping throughout Russia.


The wall-mounted designer air conditioner is available in three colors: black, white and silver. When heating the air, the device operates at a power of 3,600 W and consumes 1.07 kW, while cooling — at a power of 3,500 W. In the latter mode, the level of electricity consumption is 1.18 kW. The maximum air flow rate reaches 9.7 m3/min. There is a warm start option, motion sensor, ion generator. Noise level is not very low 27-52 dB with a maximum air exchange of 550 cubic meters per hour, but the price of the device fully justifies such a disadvantage and is only 22,990 rubles.

Designer air conditioners

The air conditioner has earned popularity among consumers not only for its design, but also for its optimally priced characteristics:

  • self-diagnosis function — helps prevent serious breakdowns and reports the need for repair at an early stage of the malfunction;
  • timer — allows you to set the time you need to automatically turn on and off the device;
  • auto restart — will restart the air conditioner after a power failure, resuming the last user settings.

The device has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


The manufacturer of an excellent budget non-inverter air conditioner MDV presents it in seven configurations for areas of 20, 25, 35, 50, 70, 88 and 100 square meters. The device is equipped with a high-performance filter that removes dust, viruses and dirt particles from the air. Due to reliable protection against sudden changes in the supply of current, a high level of safety in operation is ensured.

The minimum configuration with a capacity of 2.2 kW for cold and 2.34 kW for heat passes up to 401 m3 of air per hour, and the noise range is only 26-36 dB. For an hour of operation, the device will consume very little electricity — 0.685 kW. «Maximum speed» in the air cooling mode operates at a power of 9.96 kW, and in heating mode — 10.8 kW. It makes noise at the level of 41 dB, and the power consumption is 3.1 kW. All variations are mounted on the wall using a mounting plate.

The model has the following advantages:

  • the indoor unit cleans itself, so the device does not require your careful attention;
  • indicators on the display of the remote control will notify you of freon leakage and breakdowns;
  • the automatic restart function will turn on the air conditioner at its usual user settings after a power failure.

On MDV, as well as on previous models, you will receive a guarantee for 36 months, and the purchase of the device will cost you 17,900-91,900 rubles.

If you decide to buy a designer air conditioner, but don’t know how to choose the best model, you can always turn to certified Smart Climate engineers for help. You will receive not only advice on the characteristics, but also advice on which device is best suited for your home or office.


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