Dehumidifier TROTEC TTK 110 HEPA

automatic rinsing inside the structure, automatic mode, built-in handle, intensive moisture removal, refrigerant amount — 320 g, minimum distance to walls and objects — top 50 cm, rear 30 cm, side 30 cm, front 30 cm, laundry drying…

Warranty 2 years.

The TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier is not just a dehumidifier, it is a device that is able to equalize the microclimate to the best possible performance. With it, you will never experience discomfort due to bad air or polluted masses. It’s all about the HEPA filter: it eliminates up to 99.97% of bacteria, dust, allergens, lint, dust mites and other harmful substances, so the air in the room is so clean and fresh. Also, the dehumidifier has a particularly large capacity, which will allow it to be used in completely different rooms. And, of course, its design stands out strongly — an elegant execution in silver color will add zest to any interior.

The unit is not only efficient and powerful, but also easy to use. For example, with the help of a handle and wheels, you can easily move the unit from room to room, and to other rooms. And the ability to connect a drain hose will allow you to turn on the continuous drying mode and forget about it, because the water from the condensation tank will be automatically removed to the tank you need. If you do not want to connect the hose, then the signal will notify you when the tank is full and, if necessary, will stop all the processes of the dryer. As proof that this equipment is autonomous during operation, the dehumidifier independently switches on the process of washing the necessary elements of the mechanism and, thus, automatically takes care of itself.

As for the functionality of the device, it is great. Among the available modes are «Continuous dehumidification», «Drying clothes», «Intensive moisture removal», «Automatic mode» (when the device itself determines the power of operation and shutdown), as well as air purification using silver ions, which further improves the microclimate. You can set all these modes, as well as set the optimal level of moisture and temperature for you, using a convenient digital control panel. With it, you can powerfully customize all processes down to the smallest detail. And at the same time to everyone — the dehumidifier economically consumes electricity, taking care of you fully.

For rooms up to120 m2
Capacity at 30°/80% (l/day)35
Operating Range Humidity(% RH)30-95
Operating range, temperature (°C)+5 — +32
Air consumption (m3/h)260
Max. power consumption (kW)0,52
Max. current consumption (A)2,3
Noise level (3m) — (dB(A))46
Case options
Weight, kg)18
Height (mm)665
Width (mm)410
Depth (mm)265
Trotec TTK 110 HEPA dryer manual

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