Dehumidifier and storage of car body parts - how are they related

One of the components of the automotive industry is the storage until the next assembly of body parts and other car parts. The duration of the “waiting” for the components can be long, and in order for them not to deteriorate during this period, it is important to maintain the humidity in the room at 40-50%.

*** For reference: on the territory of Ukraine, depending on weather conditions, the average annual relative humidity ranges from 65 to 70%, i.e. much higher than is required for the proper storage of the constituent parts of the vehicle.

But, as practice shows, in warehouses the threshold of the permissible humidity level is often greatly exceeded. In damp rooms, especially during long-term storage, car body parts invariably rust, mold and fungus are actively developing around. As a rule, excessive humidity is caused by a poor ventilation system, i.e. moisture is not carried out by air currents, but accumulates inside.

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How can you solve the problem — install an industrial dehumidifier in the premises where body parts and spare parts for the future car are stored. The device effectively removes all excess liquid from the atmosphere and then keeps the humidity level within normal limits.

Plus, the equipment works completely automatically, without human intervention. It is very convenient and practical, especially when it comes to serial production of body parts / car parts. After all, with a dehumidifier, you do not have to spend time, labor resources to maintain an optimal microclimate in warehouses, and at the same time, all products will be in complete safety, which eliminates damage to products and, consequently, financial losses.

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How to determine the level of humidity in warehouses for storing car body parts?

Keeping the air humidity within the required limits is important not only when storing body parts, but also at all stages of car production. Because in a dry climate, corrosion does not develop, which is extremely destructive for the metal components of the machine, and various harmful formations do not appear, which already negatively affect people’s health.

As mentioned above, a dehumidifier, for example, from Celsius (Taiwan), Trotec (Germany), Master (China), etc., will help to dry production and warehouse premises. And you can determine how damp it is in a room using a special device — a thermohygrometer. It should be used to regularly monitor the humidity in all workshops in the production of automobiles.

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*** Council: to cope with high humidity in warehouses for storing body parts and car spare parts, in addition to an air dryer, good ventilation and the installation of additional heating devices also help.

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