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It has already been proven that modern air purifiers reduce the likelihood of respiratory diseases, but today this is not enough for a sophisticated buyer, so manufacturers of climate gadgets generously endow their offspring with additional functions. Let’s see if this is justified, using the example of the popular model of the eminent Japanese brand Daikin.

Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier

  • Introduction

  • Design
  • Filling

  • Control
  • dust collection

  • Air humidification
  • Deodorization

  • Noise level
  • Summary

Make air clean again!

An air purifier is needed not only for people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that every year over 7 million people worldwide die from air pollution-related causes. Residents of megacities, alas, form the basis of this sad statistics.

The purity of the air cannot be assessed «by eye». When the words «air pollution» come to mind, fuming industrial chimneys and traffic jams. But much more often ordinary dust, skin flakes, pet hair, plant pollen, fungi, tobacco smoke and household chemical fumes get into the lungs.

Today we’re looking at a premium device from a company that’s supremely versed in terms of comfort. This air purifier and humidifier has almost no competitors in terms of performance and number of functions.


The design of the Daikin MCK75JVM-K household purifier and humidifier for apartments and offices is impressive and presentable, which is not surprising for a model from the premium segment of household climate control equipment. The case weighing 11 kg looks solid, although it seems more bulky than on the manufacturer’s promotional materials.

The build quality of the black monolithic block with a silver front panel is decent, the quality of the plastic is good. The case is glossy, with a matte control panel, on which, however, there are fingerprints. One way or another, they buy a cleaner not to collect dust, but to deal with it effectively, so let’s take a look at what’s inside it.


The Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM-K purifier is armed with a whole arsenal of filters: catechin, pleated, deodorizing catalytic, with a titanium-containing mineral. There is also a source of streamer discharge in it, which destroys the molecules of odorous substances and decomposes bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

The pleated filter works in tandem with the plasma ionizer and is replaced more often than others. Although the instructions say that the filter life is about one year, in a metropolitan area you need to be ready to change the filter more often, depending on the environmental situation. Six replacement filters are already included in the package of the purifier.

Daikin designers abandoned the high-efficiency HEPA filter, which at first glance is strange for an «advanced» model. But on the other hand, such filters are actually disposable (even washable varieties cannot boast of durability), which would lead to an increase in operating costs.


The Daikin MCK75JVM-K has 6 modes: quiet (night), low, medium, high, turbo and anti-pollen: a variable speed mode in which the air flows created by the unit prevent fine particles-sources of allergens from settling on the floor .

Remote control for Daikin cleaner MCK75JVM-K

Control Panel

The purifier is able to select the desired speed in a fully automatic mode, focusing on the readings of dust and odor sensors. For example, «smelling» cigarette smoke coming from the opposite end of the room, the MCK75JVM-K immediately turned on the warning light and increased the speed.

Included is a remote control with all the basic functions such as child lock and sleep timer in 4 hour increments.

dust collection

The creators of the purifier declared three functions: dust collection, humidification, deodorization. For measurements, we launched the unit in the most “stressful” mode — at maximum speed (but not in turbo mode). The purity of the air was measured directly at the outlet of the device with a dust meter, which was set to the mode of fixing small particles (from 0.3 to 0.5 microns) — doctors agree that it is small pollution that poses the greatest danger to humans.

catalytic filter

Pleated filter

Testing was carried out in a room of 47.5 sq. m is the maximum serviced area for the model in question. The level of pollution before inclusion was about 70 million dust particles and other particles in 1 cubic meter of air.

The status and ambitions of the developer of the cleaner, it would seem, should not leave a chance for even a small speck of dust to slip through the filter barrier built by Japanese engineers, but as a result, the level of air pollution after thorough treatment amounted to almost 2 million dust particles per cubic meter.

Air humidification

Daikin MCK75JVM-K has another trump card — the humidification function. The water tank is easy to maintain. A full tank of 4 liters is enough for about a day of operation in the “average” humidifier speed mode. Do you want to raise the level of humidity in the room more than 30 square meters. m with the heating on? Prepare to fill the water tank two to three times a day. And keep in mind that humidification does not work in the quietest, «night» mode.

Water tank

KNME998 humidifying filter for Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM-K

The quality of hydration is not in question. On the control panel, you can set one of three operating speeds (maximum — 0.6 l / h), as well as automatic mode, in which the unit itself will select the optimal operating mode, based on the readings of the built-in hygrostat.

In a device of this class, we lacked a water level sensor in the tank. Three indicators — 66, 33 and 0 percent — would be enough.

The instructions indicate that the KNME998 humidifying filter for Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM-K must be changed every two seasons.


Deodorizing cartridge

The Daikin MCK75JVM-K has a deodorizing cartridge that can be placed in a shoe cabinet, car or refrigerator, for example. After use, the cartridge regenerates its properties in a special compartment in the purifier body.

About the noise level

Noise was measured with an objective sound level meter at a distance of 1 m.





Sound level
pressure, dBA




We tried to measure the operation of the device in the «night» mode, but could not create sufficient silence in the test room. The purifier is really quiet.

The «turbo» mode is very noisy, but the air flow is also powerful. If the air conditioner is too loud at “high” speed, for example, in a small room, you can do this: “catch up” the humidity to 50% in loud mode and then maintain this level in the “low” mode of the humidifier.


The Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM-K air purifier and humidifier is not new to the market, and the popularity of the model indicates that the multifunctionality and pleasant appearance, multiplied by the authority of the manufacturer, are in demand by the buyer. Moreover, with worthy alternatives on the market is tight.

Let’s be honest, many-in-one devices rarely set a new bar in terms of performance, while a built-in humidifier with a deodorizing cartridge is a weighty argument in favor of the review hero. The creators of the Daikin MCK75JVM-K purifier did not rely so much on performance records, but on the richness of functions and a catchy design. The logo of the leading Japanese manufacturer of climate control equipment allows you to place the device in a prominent place in your apartment or office, and the cleaner will not look out of place there.

We express our gratitude to United Elements for providing the air purifier.

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