Daikin concealed VRV system
Author Sergey Chigrin

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The advanced and innovative developments of the air conditioning systems of the Japanese company Daikin include the fourth generation VRV IV i. The units of the system are mounted inside the building, which ensures the preservation of the facade through the use of a decorative grill that closes the ventilation openings of small sizes. Among the many similar systems used in cities, Daikin VRV IV is the most aesthetic and camouflaged. Along with this advantage, it has all the advantages and capabilities that modern air conditioning systems have, including cooling and heating modes, as well as quiet operation that meets the required standards in the city.

Daikin concealed VRV system

The Daikin VRV IV i range has a unique design feature with the compressor and condenser housed in separate units. Due to their compact dimensions and low weight, there is no need to use special equipment when transporting and installing the units inside the building. In turn, this not only simplifies and reduces the cost of installation, but also eliminates the need for expensive soundproofing.

In the new VRV IV i-series implemented many patented Daikin technologies, including heat exchanger design V-shaped forms. The heat exchanger has a compact size, and its body height is only 40 cm. Thanks to the use of a centrifugal inverter fan, the high efficiency of the entire system is ensured.

Daikin concealed VRV system

The manufacturer has provided the possibility of using in VRV IV i-series different types of blocks, namely:

  • subceiling,
  • wall,
  • outdoor,
  • cassette,
  • channel.

You can also choose the optimal type of ventilation unit and air-thermal curtain. Up to ten indoor modules can be used in the air conditioning system. The applied refrigerant temperature change control technology eliminates the possibility of uncomfortable temperatures in the serviced area and automatically sets the operating modes of the system.

Important benefits of Daikin VRV IV i-series:

  • high coefficient of seasonal energy efficiency;
  • simple installation with subsequent start-up and maintenance;
  • zonal use;
  • perfect compatibility with buildings that have high requirements for facades;
  • visualization of energy costs through an integrated tool i-net;
  • compliance with all required standards during operation;
  • easy obtaining permission to install equipment.

The heat exchanger module can be placed in a false ceiling, and a small and lightweight compressor unit can be installed on the floor in any convenient place.

In buildings of historical value located in the central part of the city and other places, the use of VRV IV i-series with a heat pump would be the ideal solution. Operating very quietly and invisible on the façade of the Daikin VRV IV i-series not only provide a comfortable indoor temperature, but also do not change the architecture of buildings.


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