Cooper&Hunter Pool Dehumidifiers: Features of the WD Line

Cooper&Hunter is a world famous American brand that began its history in 1916. The company was the result of a merger of three manufacturers: Hunter Manufacturing Company, Brunner Manufacturing and Company, CS Cooper Company. Initially, it produced only air conditioners, and after a while it began to produce convectors, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Cooper&Hunter slogan: «Comfort Innovation»

Following its own slogan, the company creates comfortable, ergonomic and stylish equipment, generously filled with interesting technologies. In addition to the introduction of various innovative solutions, the brand’s products are famous for their high quality, confirmed by international certificates (OHSAS 18000, UKRSEPRO, ISO 9001, CE, ISO 14000, UL). By the way, the performance of the company is also impressive — 27 million units of equipment per year and a 7,000th model range.

All Cooper&Hunter products deserve attention, but we will talk about the technology, the demand for which is constantly growing among users, namely, about dehumidifiers and the benefits of using them in the pool. Let us consider in detail what devices are and what are the features of each type. Read on!

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Which Cooper&Hunter pool dehumidifier can I choose?

This type of climate control equipment is available in two types: mobile (floor) and stationary (wall). Mobile devices are intended for use in private houses and apartments where the moisture content in the atmosphere is not too high. But the stationary ones are just designed to work in extreme humidity. Let’s analyze the second option in more detail.

Wall mounted pool dehumidifiers from Cooper&Hunter

The company’s product range has only one model range suitable for installation in pools — the WD line. The products of the series are very similar in design and design, but differ in technical characteristics and modification.

Although the data air dryers Cooper&Hunter have a wall mount type, they can be installed in 4 different ways:

mounting directly on the wall;

installation on the wheels that come with the kit;

installation on legs, on the floor;

hidden fixture.

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Since WD series dehumidifiers are designed for installation in pools, they are able to retain moisture in a wide range — from 25% to 80%, subject to external temperatures of 10-42°C. In addition, the device works quite quietly and does not disturb visitors due to the fact that all parts are soundproofed and placed in a noise-absorbing housing.

What other features are there in Cooper&Hunter WD dehumidifiers (Cooper&Hunter CH-D025WD, Cooper&Hunter CH-D060WD)? The devices are supplemented with an auto-defrost function, the ability to change the direction of movement of air masses, automatic restart, remote control, as well as a color and understandable LED display. This is an ideal choice for «price-quality» for establishments with high humidity.

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Doubt what pool dehumidifier choose, if you want to get more information about Cooper&Hunter products (USA) — contact the managers of the Pobut online store by phone: (097) 586 81 58.


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