Common problems that occur during the operation of the air conditioner
Author Anvar Kuraev

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  • If condensation drips
  • If ice has formed and icicles have formed on the outdoor unit
  • If there is little power
  • If it’s too cold
  • If the airflow has become weak
  • Signs of serious damage

With the advent of air conditioners, the level of comfort in homes and offices has increased many times over. And even electronic equipment works better in those rooms where these devices are installed. Although there are practically no frankly bad air conditioners today, and the models on the market are being improved from year to year, users still have to face a number of specific difficulties, most of which are associated with untimely maintenance of climate equipment.

If condensation drips

Most often, a dirty drain pipe leads to a leak from the indoor unit. The risk of this problem increases when the appliance is used during the cold season. Tubes brought outside often freeze under the influence of negative temperatures, and this leads to the formation of an ice plug. You can fix it by warming up. This will require a special cable that will help unfreeze the drainage pipeline.

If ice has formed and icicles have formed on the outdoor unit

The auto-defrost function will help you get rid of ice. If it is not there, turn off the heating mode for a while and activate the cooling function. The air conditioner will begin to give off heat to the outside and gradually thaw.

As a rule, frost on the case accumulates in humid and cold climates and is not in itself considered a signal that there is any malfunction in the equipment.

If there is little power

In hot and stuffy summers, many people complain to Smart Climate specialists that the air conditioner does not cool the room enough. Possible reasons for this phenomenon are the following factors:

  1. High level of contamination of filter systems.
  2. Intensive ventilation, open windows and drafts or operation of additional heat sources.
  3. Incorrect selection of a model whose power is small for the area of ​​a particular room.

If you have checked each of these points and are convinced that the filters are clean and the air conditioner is ideal in all respects, try reducing the amount of heat entering inside. Sometimes it is enough to curtain too wide windows with dark curtains to feel the long-awaited coolness again.

If it’s too cold

Discomfort most often occurs when the airflow guides are not calibrated accurately enough. To solve this problem, try manually changing the direction of the horizontal or vertical flaps. You can also use the auto-adjustment option, if it is provided in your air conditioner model.

If the airflow has become weak

Here the reason lies in the high level of contamination of the air filter. It needs to be cleaned up. This is done with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Signs of serious damage

Most of the problems that owners of climate equipment face are completely solvable and require a minimum of technical training. However, there are a number of symptoms that are a signal that the air conditioner needs professional intervention. They cannot be ignored.

  1. Non-compliance with the set temperature regime (excessive cooling or heating).
  2. Constant leaks from the indoor unit, not related to the level of contamination of the drain pipe.
  3. Coolant leaks.
  4. Problems with turning on the device.
  5. Short operating cycle and spontaneous shutdown.
  6. The appearance of extraneous noise and vibration during operation.
  7. The air flow has an unpleasant smell.

As a rule, breakdowns of climate equipment are associated with a violation of the conditions for its operation. For example, if the minimum operating temperature is set by the manufacturer at +10 degrees, then turning on the air conditioner when it is colder outside, you expose the device to excessive loads. The liquids in the device begin to thicken, causing excessive wear on the motor and other components.

The second reason for breakdowns is infrequent maintenance. Filters and internal parts should be cleaned at least once a year. This is best done in the spring before the hot weather sets in. The air conditioner must be cleaned and refilled by professionals. The intervention of an inexperienced user can lead to serious damage to climate control equipment or to its complete failure, followed by the need for replacement.

By the way, the durability and efficiency of the air conditioner largely depends on how correctly a specific model is selected and installed. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and ensure comfort in a room of any size and configuration, rely on the opinion of experts who have been supplying climate equipment since 2008, as well as developing and maintaining engineering systems. These are the people who work at the Smart Climate company. By contacting its employees, you can get detailed professional advice on many issues related to the operation of climate equipment of different models and brands.


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