Comfort and Aereco window air inlets


When arranging your home, a person seeks to create not just a warm or quiet home, but a COMFORTABLE HOUSE. It happens that a lot of money is invested in housing, but the result is not achieved: it is not very convenient to live.

What are the components of the concept of comfort?

  • Noise level. For normal health, the noise level in the room should not exceed a certain value.

  • Light level. The apartment should have enough light, in addition, there are standards for NATURAL lighting. This means that it is through the windows during daylight hours that the premises are illuminated.

  • Air temperature. A comfortable temperature is 20 — 21oC.

  • Relative humidity level. With increased humidity, a feeling of stuffiness appears, sweating increases.

  • drafts. When air moves even with normal temperature and humidity at a speed above a certain one, a feeling of discomfort appears. At normal temperature, a comfortable air speed is 0.2 m/s

  • Air composition. The concentration of harmful gaseous impurities should not exceed the maximum permissible values ​​(for example, carbon dioxide). The smells of paint, plastics, sweat, tobacco also create discomfort.

There is another comfort parameter, practically unknown in Russia, but used in Europe. This is the HAT parameter — the temperature difference between the head and feet. Suvorov also advised to keep your feet warm and your head cold. In our apartments, it is usually the other way around: the temperature under the ceiling is much higher than at floor level. Only when using heated floors, this parameter becomes better and a person feels much more comfortable.

Let’s give a specific example of how you can spend a lot of money on apartment renovation, but get uncomfortable living conditions as a result. Usually, during repairs, old wooden ugly windows are replaced with euro-windows made of PVC or wood. Yes, they do not blow, they are beautiful, comfortable, noise-proof, do not require special care. Window companies do not deceive customers by advertising their products. It’s just that everyone forgets or does not think about the ventilation of the premises. And many do not even know how the ventilation system of their home works. So, ordinary residential buildings are designed in the expectation that fresh air from the street will enter the living quarters just through the cracks in the windows. When replacing windows with hermetic cracks, there are no more, and there is no more fresh air. Moisture and carbon dioxide released during the life of people remains in the apartment and it turns out water condensation on double-glazed windows and window slopes up to mold, stuffiness in the room and discomfort. The maximum that window companies can offer is to use tilt-and-turn fittings or “slot ventilation”. It turns out that for normal living, it is again necessary to organize cracks in the windows. Again, drafts are obtained, the noise-protective properties of windows are lost, cold air flows into the apartment from the level of the window sill into the area where people are located in winter. All these problems can be solved with the help of automatic noise-protective supply devices of the French company AERECO. These are small plastic flaps that are built directly into the frame of any window made of any materials during the manufacture of the window in the workshop, or at the customer’s apartment, without dismantling the window and without replacing the double-glazed window. They do not reduce the amount of light in the apartment and do not increase the noise level. These valves are installed in the upper part of the window, so the cold air jet goes under the ceiling and mixes with superheated air there without draft and improving the HAT parameter. AERECO air supply devices, by means of the organization of constant air exchange, normalize the level of humidity in the room without overcooling the rooms, because a controlled amount of cold air is admitted, the heating of which is already provided for in the design. Thus, AERECO supply air devices have a positive effect on all components of the concept of COMFORT.

Sometimes you have to deal with this point of view: “But I already have an air conditioner at my house, why do I need some kind of air supply device?”. Those who ask such a question simply do not know that ordinary split systems, the compressor blocks of which we see on the facades of houses, have nothing to do with ventilation. This equipment provides cooling of room air in summer, and heating in autumn and spring. At the same time, the air from the room is sucked into the indoor unit and, after filtering, is returned back. The carbon dioxide emitted during breathing, for example, will circulate around the room. There are much more expensive air conditioners that provide air exchange with the street, but they are quite rare, require suspended ceilings, and their use in typical residential buildings is rather problematic.

Often buyers ask the following question: “How to let in air from the street, is it dirty and dusty?”. Yes, indeed, the air quality in our cities leaves much to be desired, this is a problem for all large cities. But it would be naive to think that closed hermetic eurowindows will create a good microclimate in the apartment. On the contrary, the air quality will be even worse, because. the occupants themselves are a strong source of air pollution (carbon dioxide, kitchen odors, smoke, sweat, etc.). Only ventilation of the premises allows the removal of gaseous products of human vital activity. To clean the air, you can use various devices for filtering and disinfecting indoor air. The cardinal solution to the problem is to move to a cleaner suburb or use a gas mask (joke).

A standard question is also the question of the applicability of Western-made air handling units in the winter conditions of Russia. Many fear that in cold weather due to possible icing, these devices will not work. Here it is necessary to distinguish two possible situations: in severe frosts, frost will appear on some parts of the device, which does not interfere with its operation and will disappear without a trace when it warms up, or icing of the supply device completely disrupts its operation (the damper freezes, frost interferes with the air flow, etc. .). It all depends on the design of the supply device and the materials from which it is made. In winter, outside air, of course, will cool the body of the supply unit through which it enters the apartment. The main thing is that the cold parts of the device do not come into contact with the internal warm moist air, but are washed by the external one. Why doesn’t an ordinary window on an old wooden window freeze over? Because it just satisfies these conditions. Its edges are of course cold, but they are washed by the external cold dry air and do not freeze over. AERECO supply units are designed according to the same principle and have proven themselves well up to Novosibirsk, where in winter the temperature drops to 40 degrees below zero.

Source: Fresh air company


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