Climate in the house

You have probably thought more than once about what is the best air conditioner to buy at home.

The air conditioner has entered into everyday life, like a refrigerator and a washing machine. Whether global warming is to blame, or the modern penchant for comfort, but without a household air conditioner in the summer it is very difficult.
Modern technology no longer resembles window units, with which the conquest of our everyday life by air conditioners began. Their diversity is truly enormous. The leading position is undoubtedly occupied by wall-mounted split systems. Their divided design fits very precisely to the needs of a single room or a small apartment. Noise remains outside, coolness inside.

This idea turned out to be so successful that many options for split systems for large and multi-room premises were built on its basis. It is illogical, of course, to install a separate unit for each room, it is much more rational to install one unit outside, and distribute the cooled air throughout the rooms through the splits installed there. Such a system is called a multi-split system.

But that’s not all. Cassette air conditioners are also produced. Owners of large living rooms or indoor home pools will appreciate them. Such air conditioners are mounted on the ceiling and disguised as its elements.
Modern air conditioners are available not only for cooling, but also for heating the air. This quality is especially valuable in the last week before turning on the central heating, in dank October.

The real scourge of the first generation of domestic air conditioners was «legionnaires’ fever», so named because of the epidemic among the soldiers of the Foreign Legion in Africa. As it turned out, the microorganism that lived and multiplied in the filters of air conditioners was the culprit. But today’s household air conditioner will no longer be its source. Modern filters enrich the air with ions and, at the same time, destroy harmful microflora. The air that has passed through them is not harmful, it is fresh and soft, like a sea breeze.

A friendly assistant in everyday life, household air conditioning turns the discomfort of the heat into a pleasant coolness. It’s great that it has ceased to be a luxury!


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