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Centralized dust removal systems (DSP) today are firmly included in the list of standard engineering equipment for private and public buildings. Built-in vacuum cleaners equip not only elite cottages and offices, but also ordinary city apartments. Their use in cinema halls, beauty salons, theaters and hotels greatly facilitates and speeds up the cleaning process and improves its quality.

Cleaning with DSP — efficient, convenient and economical! 100% of the collected dust and litter is removed from the room. The air is cleaned to the maximum from the smallest pathogenic particles: bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, which are not able to hold any of the most modern filters of conventional vacuum cleaners. Cleaning is almost silent and does not disturb others. In operation, the system is extremely simple and does not require special skills for maintenance, and with a large useful power, it is characterized by minimal energy consumption. Such a system is installed for the entire life of the building.

Climate technology portal TopClimat.ru

The DSP consists of several components. The power module is installed in a special technical (utility) room, outside the residential area. The piping system is assembled from special pipes and fittings made of PVC with antistatic additives and high-quality inner surface treatment to ensure minimal aerodynamic drag.

The pipeline connects the power and (or) floors. The optimal number and location of sockets is determined at the stage of design work so as to ensure efficient and convenient cleaning of the entire room.

Climate technology portal TopClimat.ru

The system is constantly in «standby mode» and ready to go — just plug the lightweight cleaning hose into the socket. The air flow with dust and litter is driven through the pipe system and enters the power unit, where 96-98% of large particles settle in the dust collector, and 2-4% of the smallest particles and harmful fumes (up to 5 microns in size) are discharged to the street, where under the influence environment are neutralized.

Installation of the built-in cleaning system does not take much time, and does not require additional transformation of the premises. The system can be installed both in the process of construction and repair, and already in the building in operation. The reliability of the system is so high that it is possible to lay pipes in a concrete screed.

And the advantages of installing a DSP are obvious. Today there is such a definition as «sick building syndrome» — this is a situation where the inhabitants of a building experience acute health problems, apparently related to the time spent in the building, but no specific cause can be identified. The vacuum cleaner cannot change the chemical composition of the air in the room, but it can significantly reduce the amount of harmful substances inhaled along with dust. But when cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner, the smallest dust particles return to the room together with the exhaust air, the concentration of which increases by 2-5 times. These problems are fundamentally solved with the help of centralized dust removal. This is the most modern cleaning system to date, which not only simplifies and speeds up the process of cleaning the room, but also improves the air quality in it.

Popular Models

Built-in vacuum cleaner Cyclovac 615

Built-in vacuum cleaner Puzer Eeva

Vacuum cleaner with cyclone Vacuflo 288

Dust collection: all models

A wide range of models allows you to install DSP both in a small one-room apartment and in a large office building without space restrictions.

By installing such a system, we significantly save on labor and energy resources. Research carried out in the hotels of the Swedish group Scandic showed that an integrated cleaning system saves 30% in time and 46% in costs. Cleaning time is significantly reduced due to convenience — there is no need to carry a bulky unit, cleaning with a light hose is less tiring, and a wide range of specialized nozzles allows you to clean various types of coatings most effectively.

Climate technology portal TopClimat.ru

Today, centralized dust extraction systems are becoming more and more popular due to their high user performance. This is a serious engineering system, and its application implies not only the supply of equipment, but also the entire cycle of work typical of other systems, including design and installation work. And from the point of view of optimizing the entire complex of engineering equipment at the facility, it is necessary to include DSP along with traditional engineering systems at the early stages of design.

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