Today, there are two main types of well drilling — rotary and percussion. When drilling in a rotary way, a well deeper than 5 m requires special equipment and mechanisms that cannot be available in private households, and for these reasons it is not available to you. The shock-rope method also requires some equipment, however, with skilled hands, it can be made independently. The shock-rope method of drilling is used in geological exploration, where it is difficult or impossible to deliver bulky mechanisms and equipment.

If you do not want to drill a well yourself, you can seek help from professional specialists. As for the cost of work, you can find out more about current prices on the website of AquaGeo Holding.


The principle of percussion-rope drilling of a well for water

With the help of gate 5, you raise the load and bailer to a height of 0.5-2 m above the bottom of the well and release the gate, the load flies down along the guide, hits the bailer and drives it into the ground by 2-5 cm, depending on the rock hardness and weight load, after driving 0.5-1.0 m of the well, the bailer rises to the surface of the earth, and the soil that is located in it is knocked out.
The easiest way to rent a ready-made bailer is from an old exploration office, they often lie idle and rust in warehouses without work, but you can also make it yourself. You can make a bailer from pipes of different diameters using a welding machine, the load can be made either by turning, or more simply from the same pipes filled with small scrap metal.

On the rock-cutting part of the bailer, you can weld a finished bit used in geological exploration, or weld in cutters made of alloy steel. The main thing is that the width of the tooth is greater than the thickness of the pipe, and the diameter of the load is less than the diameter of the bailer.

And one more very important point: the diameter of the bailer should be 15-25 mm larger than the outer diameter of the pipe you prepared for casing the well. All of the above dimensions of the tool vary depending on the materials you have and the height at which you can fix the block, since the weight of the load should be about 50-100 kg. To facilitate the work, you can also use mechanical traction to lift the drill string.

If there are problems with drilling a well, then you can always seek help from specialists.

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