Buhler-AHS Humidification Systems – Modern, Efficient and Reliable

Are you interested in reliable and efficient air humidification equipment? Buhler-AHS, founded in 2007, offers state-of-the-art integrated devices for installation in private homes, offices and businesses.

Main advantages

  • Uses state of the art humidification technology called adiabatic spray. It is devoid of the disadvantages of other methods of air humidification, which are used in the equipment of steam generators, ultrasonic humidifiers, air washers. Among these disadvantages are, first of all, high power consumption arising from the need to heat water or distribute moisture with the help of fans, increased noise level, the formation of fungus and microflora harmful to humans, as well as the need for manual topping up of water and the low efficiency of such humidification systems.

  • Buhler-AHS development engineers have taken care not only of reliability and durability all functional units of the systems. Health, as you know, is the most precious thing, so the main focus is on multilevel water treatment, which allows you to completely eliminate the formation of any microflora and spray water with virtually no mineral impurities. Unlike others, stagnation is simply impossible in Buhler-AHS systems, this is achieved due to the fact that an automatic and regular flushing algorithm for internal tanks and pipelines is used, and thanks to the use of ultraviolet sterilization, it was possible to achieve a high level of water sterility in the system.

  • A unique opportunity to set the required value of the humidity level for a particular humidification zone, i.e. for each nozzle separately — one of the most important advantages of Buhler-AHS humidification systems. The nozzle stops spraying moisture when the set humidity is reached, and with a slight decrease in the value, it will turn on again.

Nuances of application

To avoid stagnant water, it is necessary to ensure circulation in the system, therefore, it is required to connect the main unit to the water supply and sewerage system. The installation of a branched air humidification system, formed by means of thin flexible tubes from the central module to the nozzles, is carried out by specialists. However, in the future, all costs will certainly pay off — thanks to the extremely economical consumption of electricity.

Use air humidification systems from Buhler-AHS and ensure a healthy microclimate and the durability of wooden products!

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