Dreams of a country house are embodied in the construction of cottages, summer cottages and private buildings. Which, at a minimum, need: gas, heating and hot water, as well as the possibility of cooking. That is coziness and comfort.

The optimal solution to these needs was found a long time ago, it is implemented quickly and easily, reliably and inexpensively. This is an autonomous gasification based on the underground gas tanks of Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group SpA. For those who want to give their private home independence, and possibly implement a gas-powered ventilation and air conditioning system, autonomous gas supply is a quick and cost-effective solution. Hardworking gas will quickly bring to life other ideas: fireplaces, saunas, outdoor barbecues, decorative lighting and infrared heaters.

The Italian gas tank «Antonio Merloni» (your personal «gas keeper») is the main element of the autonomous gasification system, the heart of the object’s independent gas supply. A special tank stores liquefied hydrocarbon gas LPG (LPG — Liquid Petroleum gas; GPL — Gaz Petroleum Liquide), which gets to consumers through a gas pipeline. The vertical gas holder has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • The estimated service life is more than 50 years.

  • Operating temperature parameters: from -40 to +50°С.

  • The best value for money.

  • The maximum equipment for today.

  • Easy installation, easy operation, simple maintenance.

  • Obtaining any volume by cascading the tanks.

  • Individual selection of the volume of the gas tank according to the expected intensity of gas consumption.

  • The best product among competitors.

Antonio Merloni vertical gas holders are the only geothermal gas storage tanks that operate autonomously at temperatures down to -40°C in regions with severe winters. Not the only ones in the world, but the only vertical gas tanks of such high quality and configuration, sold on the market at such a low price.

The gas tank is protected from the outside with an anti-corrosion epoxy coating «Carboline» (in three layers) — at the moment this is the most effective protection for underground metal. Reliable operation is also ensured by an internal anti-corrosion coating with a special composition. A three-component anode-cathodic protection, connected and activated at a factory in Italy, protects the tank from exposure to underground currents. The patented «Marsupio» protective bag, made of a durable seven-component electrically conductive polymer, is a unique «guardian» of the container against mechanical damage during ground movements.

The high-tech product «Antonio Merloni» is based on reliability, durability, safety and environmental friendliness. The equipment uses the geothermal heat of the earth (free under our feet). The thickness of the low-alloy steel of gas tanks is 10 mm (the only tanks in the world with such a thick wall!). This explains the long service life. Vertical design guarantees maximum temperature characteristics (-40°C), allowing the use of tanks in almost all climatic zones of Russia, even in conditions of severe frosts. Under extreme temperature fluctuations, gas holders continue to evaporate gas in the required volume.

It should be understood that the gas tank «freezes» not from the ground. An LPG storage tank is essentially a large refrigeration machine that cools itself. This happens when a gas changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state. Therefore, the underground «refrigerator» must have absolute contact with the ground at a depth of 3 meters, where the temperature is always positive. This is necessary for the boiling (evaporation) of the hydrocarbon gas.

The most obvious criterion for the reliability of a gas tank is its weight. If you compare the weight of an Antonio Merloni tank with the weight of a tank from another manufacturer, you will immediately understand the difference in quality and durability of the two pieces of equipment. The lower the weight, the thinner the wall of the gas tank, and, consequently, the worse the resistance to loads and corrosion.

Two reducers installed in the Antonio Merloni tanks make it possible not to depend on the degree of filling the tank with gas: the pressure remains stable until the gas tank is completely empty. The “hat” made of HDPE (low pressure polyethylene) of the gas tank is completely sealed thanks to a special gasket, and ventilation is carried out by means of a check valve. A concrete-alkaline base is supplied as a set (the slab is manufactured and installed at a factory in Italy), which is not afraid of loads, underground inducing electric currents and acid-base environment.

It is worth knowing that the Antonio Merloni company (the official representative in Russia and the member countries of the Customs Union is the Terrikom group of companies), in addition to vertical underground gas tanks, produces horizontal tanks (ground and underground), as well as vertical ground tanks. Horizontal underground gas holders (as well as those of other manufacturers) continue to evaporate gas at temperatures down to -20ºС. To extend this threshold, underground vertical reservoirs have been developed. But only the Antonio Merloni concern could create high-quality gas tanks at this price.

The Italian manufacturer offers the only vertical underground tanks on the market with a volume of 5,000 liters. The buyer is offered a fairly wide range of volumes, it is possible to expand the «line» by cascading containers. Cascade connection gives greater reliability achieved by redundancy (working + backup gas tank), and allows you to «increase» the total volume during the operation of an autonomous gas supply.

The road to the “independence” of a private house is often blocked by the lack of mains gas. Autonomous gasification from «Antonio Merloni» economically, aesthetically and reliably solves this problem in just 1 day. Now it’s reality! Installation of a system with one gas tank will take no more than 4 hours. Certified specialists with extensive experience and a PB 12-609-03 certificate will spend this time installing the tank, laying a gas pipeline to the basement of the building, where wiring and connection to consumers take place, and pressure testing. The stock of liquefied gas will last for six months or a year (refueling is carried out from a gas carrier).

The dependence of the “life activity” of a country house on electricity can be minimized: transfer the main systems to autonomous gasification, use solar energy, and implement wind-powered pumping groups. Then electricity will be needed only in a meager amount, like an inconspicuous touch.

On the basis of autonomous gas supply systems, gasification of settlements and settlements is implemented by creating a common storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gas and distribution gas pipelines covering the territory of the site. Industrial autonomous gasification is necessary for the operation and development of industrial enterprises with large gas consumption and remote from the mains with «blue» gas. More ambitious projects are also being implemented on independent gas: residential complexes on reservoirs and islands, hunting and fishing lodges, hotels, airfields, roadside restaurants and shops.

Today, our clients have the opportunity to purchase Antonio Merloni equipment on credit provided by ALFA-BANK OJSC, the largest private bank in Russia. A loan with an 8% annual overpayment is issued without collecting certificates and searching for guarantors, within 20 minutes.

There are three ways to deliver the gas tank for customers to choose from:

  • Pickup.

  • Vehicles of our company (the most reliable, guaranteeing careful transportation).

  • Through the services of a transport company (involves a high risk of equipment damage).

Successful purchases! Cozy life!

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