How many air purifiers will need to be installed in a 300 m² room?

Mod­ern man­u­fac­tur­ers offer a huge selec­tion of air puri­fiers, includ­ing those that can effec­tive­ly puri­fy and dis­in­fect the air in an area of ​​up to 500 m². Thus, for a room of 300 squares, you can buy an air clean­er in a sin­gle copy.

Such a device will have slight­ly more weight than a set­up designed for apart­ments or mod­est offices. How­ev­er, the per­for­mance and pow­er of the air puri­fi­er will quick­ly be appre­ci­at­ed by every­one in the room. As a rule, such air puri­fiers have many addi­tion­al func­tions. Plas­ma or nano fil­ters can be installed in them, which per­fect­ly trap even the small­est par­ti­cles of harm­ful sub­stances, as well as virus­es and var­i­ous aller­gens.

How often do you need to change the filters in your air cleaner?

It all depends on what type of air puri­fi­er you decide to buy. After all, before you buy an air puri­fi­er, you should think about how much time you can devote to car­ing for it. For exam­ple, HEPA fil­ters pro­vide a high degree of air purifi­ca­tion, but require reg­u­lar replace­ment (you can find out the cost of such fil­ters from the con­sul­tants of our online store).

Main­te­nance of an elec­tro­sta­t­ic air clean­er includes peri­od­ic (about once every 7 days) rins­ing of the elec­tro­sta­t­ic plate, which acts as a fil­ter in this device.

How­ev­er, you can stop at a fil­ter­less type puri­fi­er and buy an air clean­er-ion­iz­er or an air wash­er. How­ev­er, in the first case, you will have to use a vac­u­um clean­er and a wet rag more often, col­lect­ing the dust deposit­ed by the ion­iz­er. And it is nec­es­sary to add water to air wash­ers often and change it at the first con­ve­nient oppor­tu­ni­ty.

How high is the noise level generated by the air purifier?

This device is com­plete­ly silent with­out a fan. It can be installed in var­i­ous rooms where effec­tive air purifi­ca­tion is required. The air puri­fi­er will per­form its mis­sion of remov­ing var­i­ous aller­gens, dust par­ti­cles from the air and rid the room of unpleas­ant odors (includ­ing the obses­sive smell of tobac­co smoke). At the same time, the device will not make unnec­es­sary sounds and dis­tract you from work or com­fort­able rest. Seems like anoth­er good rea­son to buy an air puri­fi­er!

Is it true that modern models of air cleaners also disinfect the air?

Yes, indeed, many mod­ern mod­els of air puri­fiers are not only reli­able bar­ri­ers to micropar­ti­cles of pollen, dust and wool. In addi­tion, these devices can remove some of the sub­stances harm­ful to human health from indoor air.

A num­ber of large air puri­fiers boast such an advan­tage as the pres­ence of an ultra­vi­o­let lamp. With its help, there is a quick and effec­tive destruc­tion of virus­es and bac­te­ria. In addi­tion, some mod­els are also equipped with a NANO fil­ter that traps par­ti­cles as small as 0.3 microns.

You can buy an air puri­fi­er with the above fil­tra­tion sys­tems from us. We offer prod­ucts of well-known world man­u­fac­tur­ers who have been pro­duc­ing high-qual­i­ty and effi­cient equip­ment for many years.

How­ev­er, do not for­get that some­times the air in our apart­ments, indus­tri­al premis­es and offices requires not only purifi­ca­tion and dis­in­fec­tion, but also addi­tion­al humid­i­fi­ca­tion or cool­ing. It is for this rea­son that it is rec­om­mend­ed to use air clean­ers com­plete with humid­i­fiers and split sys­tems.

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