Air dryers - 2 principles of operation.  Which is better?

Modern technology allows you to maintain indoor conditions that are optimal for a person. Even the problem with high humidity is easily and simply solved with the help of a special device — an air dryer. For everyone who knows firsthand about dampness, it will be useful to know: what desiccants are used for, how they work, what types there are, and also which unit is more efficient and profitable. Details are described below — read on!

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Why do you need an indoor dehumidifier?

Water, of course, is the source of life, and without it, the existence of all life on earth is simply impossible. But in an apartment or house, excessive moisture content in the atmosphere gives an absolutely opposite effect.

If the humidity level in a residential area exceeds 60%, this leads to the following consequences:

the general well-being of people living in the house / apartment worsens;

increases the risk of allergic and colds;

Harmful bacteria, mold and fungus «settle» and actively develop;

the smell in the room, soaking everything around, becomes musty and heavy;

metal structures and other products are affected by corrosion;

interior items made of wood are rotting, deformed;

interior decoration, textiles, things, shoes, furniture, appliances, etc. deteriorate.

The conclusion is simple — high humidity negatively affects everything: from people living in a house or apartment to curtains on windows. It is in order to avoid such catastrophic consequences that household dehumidifiers are used, the principles of which will be discussed in the next section.

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2 principles of operation of dehumidifiers

The functioning of this climate equipment is based on one of two principles:


In the process of cooling air flows, part of the water vapor contained in it condenses (i.e. becomes an ordinary liquid). Depending on the type, the device takes condensate from the atmosphere, thus ridding the air masses of excess moisture.

Let us consider in more detail the principle of operation of air dryers, based on their type:


The device of such units resembles an air conditioner or a refrigerator: the refrigerant, circulating in a closed system (compressor-heat exchanger-evaporator-compressor), is cooled due to expansion. This method is quite effective, but during operation it produces a lot of noise and requires high energy costs.

Dehumidification according to the Peltier principle

The principle of Peltier cooling is based on the passage of electric current through certain semiconductors. Dehumidifiers based on this effect are quieter than compressor dehumidifiers, but at the same time they have lower performance.

Regardless of the type of device, devices that operate on the principle of cooling require a lot of energy, because after cooling, the air flows must be heated again.

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This principle of operation is based on the ability of some materials to absorb moisture. For example, the most common example is silica gel (a substance packaged in small white bags that is found in boxes with new shoes, bags, appliances and other goods).

Advantages adsorption dryers:

work almost silently, without interfering with people in the room;

are economical in terms of energy costs;

cope even with extremely high levels of humidity;

operate continuously in a wide temperature range (up to -30-40°C);

easy to operate without requiring special maintenance.

additionally heat the air in the room, raising the temperature by 5-7°C.

As for the cons: in adsorption dryers, you will have to regularly dry or replace the sorbent. Despite this, if we compare adsorption and dehumidifiers based on cooling, the former are more attractive in terms of efficiency and financial investment.

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How to choose an air dryer?

When choosing this climate equipment, you should pay attention to such characteristics as: power; Operating temperature range; noise level; Energy consumption; dimensions; total weight; installation method, as well as the availability of additional options. The design and color of the equipment should also be taken into account so that the equipment harmoniously fits into the overall interior of the room.

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