Increased humidity in the apartment worsens living conditions, causes the development of fungus, mold, and the appearance of a musty smell. All this often leads to health problems. A device for drying air in the room is capable of preventing this. It will create an optimal microclimate for health and comfortable living.

Purpose of the air dryer

The reason for the increased humidity in the room can be various factors: the installation of window openings with non-compliance with standards, poor hydro or thermal insulation, ventilation problems. In this case, a dehumidifier is used to stabilize the moisture level. This is a unique device that can lower and maintain a given level of humidity in a residential area.

Depending on the purpose, household and industrial dehumidifiers are distinguished. The main difference between them is productivity (the amount of air processed for a certain period of time). The apartments use appliances for domestic use, which can absorb up to 50 liters of moisture per day, while purifying the air from harmful microparticles.

Air Dryer

The principle of operation depends on the type of dehumidifier device, but all of them are united by a similar functionality: the dehumidifier draws in moist air, processes it, removing excess moisture, and releases dry air back.

Types of dehumidifiers and the principle of their work

Air dehumidifiers are classified according to two criteria: the type of device and the principle of operation.

In the first case, we are talking about various ways of installing and placing the device in a residential area. Dehumidifiers are floor, wall, universal and hidden.

Depending on the principle of operation, there are adsorption and condensation types of devices, as well as a dehumidifier with the property of assimilation.


The functioning of this dryer is based on the adsorption properties of the substances and materials present in it. Inside the device there is a sorbent that absorbs excess moisture, drying the air inside the room. The main disadvantage of these devices is the frequency of changing the adsorbent.


Condensing dehumidifiers are in the greatest demand. Such a device is the best suited for a house or apartment.

The principle of operation of the devices is based on the condensation of water vapor. Most home dehumidifiers work exactly like an air conditioner. The device has built-in «warm» and «cold» radiators (evaporator and condenser).

Floor dehumidifier

The ventilated air, getting into the evaporator, is cooled. Due to this, it condenses, and then accumulates in a special vessel (tray), from which it is necessary to regularly drain the liquid. If this is not done, the device will automatically turn off.

Some models of dehumidifiers of this type have an outlet to which a pipe is connected to drain water to the street, into the sewer system.

With the method of assimilation

The principle of operation of this type of dehumidifier is the exchange of air masses between the room and the street. Humid air from the room is thrown out, and fresh air is drawn in from the street. During circulation, the humidity in the room decreases.

The disadvantages of the device include significant heat loss, which goes outside with moist air, as well as energy costs for heating the intake air. Among the disadvantages of assimilation-type dehumidifiers is the inability of the device to dry the air in humid weather and the inability to use it in regions with a humid climate.

Main selection criteria

When choosing a device for dehumidifying the air in an apartment, first of all, you should decide on the preferred type.

Other selection criteria include the following:


Each device has a certain performance, which indicates the amount of moisture removed per hour or day. This indicator in the characteristics of the model is indicated in the form of abbreviations «l / h» or «l / s».

If you purchase a device of too low power, the desired effect will not be achieved and such a dehumidifier will work continuously, at the limit of its capabilities. Such a load will significantly reduce its service life. Buying a device with a capacity that exceeds requirements will lead to a rapid decrease in the humidity in the room, so in the future the dehumidifier will only work at a loss due to energy overruns.

In order to select a device with the required performance, you should know the humidity in the room. It can be calculated as follows: the area (quadrature) of the room where the air will be dried must be multiplied by a factor of 0.7. You will get an approximate indicator, which should be guided by when choosing.

Air dryer

Noise level

When dehumidifying the air in an apartment, a device that is too noisy can cause discomfort, especially when used at night. It is recommended to pay attention to models whose noise level does not exceed 45 dB.


It is recommended to consult with a specialist before buying, which company’s device is suitable in a particular case, based on the price-quality ratio, as well as the popularity, reliability and performance of the models.

Water collector volume

The larger the volume of the condensate collection tank, the less often it will have to be drained from there.

Electricity consumption

The energy consumption of the dehumidifier primarily depends on the capacity. On the home appliance market, there are models with a high efficiency index, which at the same time consume little electricity.

Availability of additional functions

These include the presence of a hygrometer (it displays the humidity indicator on the scoreboard or screen), a sound alert in case of overflow of the water collection tank, a timer, an air ionization function, an auto-shutdown function of the device in case of incorrect operation or a full tank.

Also, in addition, some models of air dryers can perform the functions of a hydrostat, an air purifier.

To make the right choice and not regret the purchase, it is recommended to carefully study the criteria for the preferred model.

Rating of the best models of dehumidifiers for an apartment

The rating contains the most popular models among consumers.

DanVex DEH-1000P

This portable dehumidifier is ideal for use in apartments, private houses, office spaces. The maximum performance of DanVex DEH-1000P is 80 liters per day, the power consumption of electricity is 820 watts. The operating temperature of the device varies from +5 to +33 degrees.

DanVex DEH-1000P

The device is made of high-strength plastic, equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 7 liters. Its mass is 25 kg.

Among the advantages of the dryer, one can note the possibility of connecting an external drain and the presence of a hydrostat, which independently solves the tasks.

The price of the device is about 75,000 rubles.

H-DEH1-20L-UI007 Hyundai

The main purpose of the model is to dehumidify the air in the apartment and house. Due to its silent operation, the device does not create discomfort during rest. It is easy to use, does the job well, and is reliable.

H-DEH1-20L-UI007 Hyundai

H-DEH1-20L-UI007 Hyundai speeds up the process of drying clothes, creates a favorable microclimate in the apartment, helps to destroy fungi and mold. Also among the advantages of the model can be noted:

  • compactness;
  • automatic control of humidity indicators in the room;
  • performance quality;
  • the presence of rollers, which makes it easy to move the device;
  • the presence of a high-precision hygrostat;
  • the presence of a display with indications of the set and current time.

Main characteristics:

  • drying intensity — 20 l / day;
  • maximum air exchange — 180 cubic meters. m/h;
  • power consumption — 600 W;
  • the volume of the condensate tank is 3 l.

The cost of H-DEH1-20L-UI007 Hyundai is 12900 rubles.

Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16VX

The dimensions of the device are compact (thickness less than 20 cm, height about 50 cm). The device has an attractive appearance and is convenient for transportation due to the available handle.

Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16VX


  • model performance — 16 l / day;
  • power consumption — 275 W;
  • working range: from 1 to 35 degrees;
  • air flow: 150 m3/h;
  • weight — 11 kg.

The model is equipped with a child protection option, which makes it safe to use. On this device, it is possible to independently configure the timer, turn it on and off. Condensate accumulates in a special tank.

The price of the dehumidifier is 31,000 rubles.

Master DH 716

The device is suitable for use in an apartment and residential premises, the area of ​​​​which does not exceed 40 sq.m. The model is equipped with a hydrostat and indication of the filling of the reservoir for the accumulation of moisture. The presence of a carbon filter will effectively cope with the elimination of unpleasant odors, if any.

Master DH 716

The dehumidifier has a modest performance, only 16 l / day. The air exchange rate is 215 cubic meters per hour. The average noise during operation is 46 dB. Despite its compactness, the device has a 5.5 liter moisture collection tank.

Price — 22500 rubles.

Ballu BDH-25L

Ballu is a popular brand that produces climate equipment. Ballu BDH-25L fully copes with the function of dehumidifying the air in the apartment.

Ballu BDH-25L

The productivity of this model is 25 l / day. Air exchange is 210 cubic meters per hour. The volume of the tank is 6.5 liters.

The model is equipped with a filling indicator, a timer for turning off the device, a hygrostat (automatic maintenance of a given humidity). The noise level at maximum operation will be 45 dB.

Price — 18,000 rubles.

Watch the video review of two (25 and 30 liters) dehumidifiers of the Ballu brand:


Xenia, Moscow:

Autumn moisture created uncomfortable conditions in the apartment, so relatives advised me to purchase a device for drying the air. The choice fell on H-DEH1-20L-UI007 Hyundai. Very easy to use, quiet operation and does the job. I recommend!

Oleg, Taganrog:

Acquired Master DH 716 three months ago. In addition to the main purpose, he also drew attention to his ability to purify the air. Convenient and easy to use. Definitely happy with the choice.

Svetlana, Tver:

I use the DanVex DEH-1000P device, I am satisfied with the purchase. Of the «chips», it is worth noting the impressive performance, due to which it fulfills its direct duties to the fullest extent, and the presence of a condensate drainage option. The only drawback is the high price.

A dehumidifier is a device that absorbs excess moisture. This prevents the formation of fungus, the appearance of the smell of dampness, which creates particular discomfort in residential premises. The home appliance market offers a variety of models for any budget.


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