Air dehumidifier Ballu BDH-50L: features and benefits overview

Multifunctional dehumidifier Ballu BDH-50L is an indispensable device in conditions of high humidity. This device is a semi-industrial device due to its dehumidification capacity of up to 50 liters per day, which is perfect for large rooms, not only in the house, but also in a small enterprise. Few people know that high humidity in any apartment or house is a huge threat, because of which not only the property of the owner, but also his health can suffer. Mold, incomprehensible, but very harmful to human health stains on the walls, dampness — all this provokes the appearance of dangerous diseases. That is why, our online store strongly recommends buying an air dryer right now, and on the pages of our website, everyone can do it at the lowest prices in Ukraine.

Ballu, a world-famous company, decided to seriously approach the development of a new dehumidifier BDH-50L, for solving professional problems. The dehumidification capacity of the device is 50 l / day, which is ideal for large rooms up to 66 m2. This model also has a huge difference from its counterparts in functionality, economical power consumption, and also has 2 fan speeds and a timer with a real-time clock. The device is self-contained, thanks to two convenient displays, each apartment owner can easily choose the mode of operation he needs and no longer worry about the performance of the device. All actions are controlled by a special hygrometer, which will maintain the optimal level of humidity in the room with great accuracy. The device has a tank filling (volume 7.7 l) with condensate, which in many respects exceeds its analogues by two, three times and makes the entire drying process constant and around the clock.

Moreover, the dehumidifier has a number of excellent safety features, and if there are any network failures during operation, the device will immediately turn off, and after all problems have been solved, it will automatically start. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the unstable operation of the device. Thus, modern air dehumidifiers began to gain their popularity all over the world, which makes it cheaper and more profitable to purchase the device, especially in Ukraine, thanks to our website, where experienced store employees will help everyone to purchase the device at the lowest prices.

The Ballu BDH-50L dehumidifier is indispensable for combating dampness in a living room, basement, garage or in production. Dampness is the cause of mold and fungus, it spoils the decoration of walls, furniture, and negatively affects people’s health.


Finding a solution is easy — just buy a dehumidifier Ballu BDH-50L. With the help of a fan, air is supplied to the evaporator, where it is cooled and gets rid of moisture. The Ballu BDH-50L moisture trap is easy to transport and easily moves to the desired point for maximum productive use.

Useful everywhere

Semi-industrial dehumidifier Ballu BDH-50L, with great power and performance, will eliminate high humidity not only in the house, but also in the pool, in the laundry, at construction sites or in the workshop. With the help of the control panel, easy control of work according to pre-set parameters is made. After purchasing this productive device, you will solve the problem of dampness and humidity forever, as well as significantly improve the microclimate in your home or office.


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