Air dehumidifier Ballu BDH-25L: overview of features and benefits

We present to your attention a new, improved dehumidifier Ballu BDH-25L with dehumidification of up to 25 liters per day and air exchange of 210 m3/hour. This device is designed to constantly monitor and improve the level of humidity in the room. The dehumidifier will become an indispensable device in a house or apartment, which will help to carry out a number of preventive maintenance in the destruction of fungus and mold in the basement, cottage, garage. Despite its huge capabilities and constancy of work, the device consumes a maximum power of 320W, which in many ways is an economical device and is perfect for any housewife.

Safe use

Today, household appliances have become the main element of an apartment or house, so many modern families are very careful when choosing appliances, because they are afraid for its operation. It is noted that the dehumidifier Ballu BDH-25L has a number of various functions that are aimed at the safe use of the device. For example, the appliance runs on R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment. Moreover, thanks to its indicator, the device independently controls possible power surges in the house during operation. In the event that an overvoltage occurs in the apartment, the dehumidifier will turn off on its own until the power grid is restored.

How does a dehumidifier work

It is no secret that high humidity is a provocateur for the appearance of various bacteria in the house, which leads to the appearance of stains on furniture, walls, and various fungi. Also, the appearance of such bacteria is unsafe for human health, namely, this leads to the appearance of various allergic reactions and diseases. That is why, many modern experts and doctors recommend immediately buying a dehumidifier for your home. This device is ideal for solving all of the above problems. The device works quite simply: moist air from the room is supplied to the evaporator of the dehumidifier with the help of a fan. After that, the device carries out the cooling process and the moisture, respectively, evaporates. Ultimately, the already dry air flow goes back into the room.

In order to understand that the house is too humid, it is not necessary to use special devices. If the air has become heavy and musty, there is a rotten smell, the windows fog up, the laundry takes a long time to dry, then we can safely say that there are problems. The household dehumidifier Ballu BDH-25L will help to overcome dampness.

Healthy microclimate

With this device, the humidity will be optimal everywhere — the bedroom and kitchen, cellar and garage. The dehumidifier Ballu BDH-25L will get rid of dampness in a home bath, in a bathroom, in a room or on a loggia where clothes are dried. Humidity can be adjusted within 30-80%. The device does not require supervision after switching on, filling the tank will lead to its automatic shutdown. The timer sets the operating time, and if necessary, you can set the «continuous drying» mode. The ability to connect the device to the drainage line allows you to use it 24/7.

Universal Assistant

You can also buy a dehumidifier Ballu BDH-25L in order to speed up the drying of laundry, speed up the drying of walls and ceilings during repairs, and dry a room that has been flooded by negligent neighbors. Mobile, neat and stylish device will become an indispensable assistant.


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