water leaking from air conditioner

In the last decade, an increasing number of houses, apartments and offices have been equipped with air conditioners. Users of climate technology pay attention to the fact that water drips from the device.

The technology of the air conditioner is based on the fact that water is taken directly from the air. During operation of the device, condensate forms — moisture remains on the cold plates of the heat exchanger, which then flows into a special container. So if water flows out of the outside of the drain tube, this is the normal functioning of the air conditioner. In humid climates during hot weather, the air conditioner can produce up to 14 liters of water per day. If water does not drip from the outdoor unit at all, this is a signal that the unit is not working properly.

But sometimes, during the operation of the device, the owners are faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon — water flows from the indoor unit of the air conditioner. Let’s try to figure out why the air conditioner is flowing? And what to do if the air conditioner leaks?

Experts warn that not all malfunctions in the operation of the device can be eliminated on their own, some causes of malfunctions require contacting a service workshop.

Common causes of water leakage from the air conditioner and troubleshooting

1. Sometimes the reason that the air conditioner is dripping is a blockage in the drain hole located at the back of the air conditioner. Blockage can be caused by insects flying into the drainage tube in hot weather. If the hole is clogged, then the water will certainly flow back.

elimination: it is usually enough to blow into the drain pipe, as a result of which the blockage will shift, and it will come out by itself under the pressure of the water accumulated in the gutter.

2. Often the reason why water flows from the air conditioner is that it has not been cleaned for a long time. The fact is that inside the device there are small passages that allow water to flow from the front to the back. If they gradually become clogged and blocked, then water, gathering in the front, will flow onto the floor.

elimination: use a toothpick or wire to clean the drain holes. You can also insert the drain pipe of the air conditioner into the hose of a household vacuum cleaner, turn on the vacuum cleaner mode. Dirty water should drain out of the tube. If there is no access to the drain, then there is only one way out — contact the master to fix the problem.

3. Leakage into the air conditioner may also cause the device to malfunction. Warm air, penetrating into the air conditioner, enters the cooler — an excessive amount of condensate is formed. The air conditioner then sprays water.

elimination: Using insulating foam, carefully close up the place where warm air enters.

4. Water leaks due to freon leakage, the result is freezing of the evaporator in the indoor unit. This violation is typical for cold autumn days, when the operation of the air conditioner switches from cooling to heating mode. The intensity of moisture leakage from the device becomes greater, extraneous noise may appear and even pieces of ice may fly out.

elimination: invite the master from the service or dismantle air conditioner dripair conditioner and take it to a repair shop. The fact is that freon leakage can occur due to improper rolling of copper pipes and the formation of cracks in pipe bends. Such a defect is not subject to self-repair.

5. Sometimes water pours out of the air conditioner immediately after installing it. This happens if the drainage pipe is damaged during installation.

elimination: Of course, this breakdown occurs through the fault of the master installing the device, so you should replace the drainage pipe for free.


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