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The French company AEREKO specializes in the production of ventilation equipment under the brand name «GIGRO». The company’s technical policy is based on the principle of «reasonable ventilation», an attempt to organize air exchange in the premises not on the basis of fixed parameters (air exchange rate or the amount of air proportional to the area or other indicators), but on the basis of real needs.

Ultimately, the task of ventilation is to maintain the necessary air parameters in the living space. Since the main source of air pollution is the person himself (breathing, sweating, washing, cooking, smoking, showering, etc.), AEREKO ties the intensity of ventilation to the degree of air pollution by human waste products. The most characteristic indicator of air pollution in a residential area is the level of humidity. According to statistics, a family of 3-4 people per day «supplies» 10-15 liters of water to the volume of the room. Therefore, all AEREKO ventilation devices have built-in sensors-actuators made of a special moisture-sensitive polyamide fabric, which automatically control their dampers without power supply, changing the air flow. This leads to the fact that in the absence of people or a decrease in the intensity of their activity, less air flows through each specific room. In winter, this air is cold and must be heated to maintain the required temperature. And if done wisely, by limiting the ventilation of empty rooms (like a bedroom during the day or a living room at night), significant heat savings can be achieved.

In modern houses with warm walls and sealed windows, the share of heat costs for heating ventilation air reaches 60-70% of the total cost of heating housing. Twenty years of experience in the operation of GIGRO equipment in Europe has shown that with reasonable ventilation of residential premises, heat savings on air heating reach 40%. Of course, in a city apartment in a multi-storey building, with today’s heating payment system and heating scheme (one-pipe system with a series connection of consumers), it is impossible to realize the effect of energy saving, but in cottages and individual houses, where the owner pays for heating himself, you can achieve significant savings.

There is another resource for saving money, it does not refer to operating costs, but to the cost of ventilation equipment. Designers and builders of cottages traditionally treat their customers as wealthy people and include expensive equipment in the estimate. With regard to ventilation, this is a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation system, in which air is forcibly supplied and removed from the room. Silencers are also installed (mechanics make noise) and recuperators-heat exchangers. All this is good, but expensive.

AEREKO offers combined systems. Exhaust ventilation remains mechanical, but the supply of external air is provided by special supply devices (valves) mounted directly on the window structure or through the wall in each room. They do not produce any noise, because. They do not have mechanical engines. The flow of fresh air through the premises is due to the constant draft created by the central exhaust fan through the channels and exhaust grilles located in the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets, and other utility rooms. According to the installation experience both in Europe and in Russia, such a combined ventilation system is several times cheaper than a classic fully mechanical system.

How does AEREKO propose to ventilate the cottage? Of course, each case has its own characteristics and it is necessary to make a project (the Moscow representative office helps its customers in this). But the general recommendations are as follows. The inflow of fresh air is provided through windows or a wall with the help of special noise-protective supply devices — valves. At the same time, window valves can be mounted not only during the manufacture of windows at the factory, but also on windows already in the cottage without dismantling them and replacing double-glazed windows. To install a wall valve, of course, you will have to make a small hole in the wall. The inlets to the exhaust ducts (kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, utility rooms) are closed with special moisture-controlled exhaust grilles. It is the exhaust ducts that determine the air flow in the premises. Automatically controlled exhaust grille dampers change their flow area, controlling the escape of heated air from the building and thus saving heat. Removal of exhaust air from the premises is provided by case exhaust fans with different capacities from 300 to 6000 m3/hour. They are mounted in attics or in utility rooms. There are low-noise models that can be installed directly in living rooms.

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