8 interesting facts about air conditioners
Author Vladimir Sobolev

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1. The world’s first air conditioner had a different purpose. In the early 19th century, workers at a publishing company in Brooklyn noticed that the rate at which ink dries was directly related to the level of humidity in the room. They commissioned then-little inventor Willis Carrier a device to help solve the problem. This is how the first cooling system appeared, and 13 years later, the company for the production of such devices.

2. The first models were tested in cinemas. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was noticed that during the summer, the occupancy of cinemas was higher, as people hid there from the heat. By introducing a marketing ploy with the use of air conditioners, marketers not only popularized their devices, but also unwittingly increased the profitability of the film industry. After all, the audience went to the premieres of the so-called «summer blockbusters» endlessly.

3. The total number of air conditioners in the world has reached 1 billion.

4. Air conditioners protect against mold, because many models of these devices are able to regulate the humidity in the room.

5: Air conditioners encourage dust mites to multiply. For this reason, experts strongly recommend cleaning the filters regularly.

6. A favorable environment for the development of microorganisms is created inside the device. And they cause «sick building syndrome». Heat exchangers contaminated with microorganisms are considered one of the reasons. This phenomenon is typical for office buildings. Heat exchangers must be regularly cleaned and treated with a special antifungal compound.

7. Minor temperature changes are more useful to a person than harmful. A deviation in ambient temperature by 6-8 °, both in minus and in plus, makes a person’s metabolism work faster. And this has a positive effect on the stability of weight and the general condition of the body.

8. To avoid drafts, when the air conditioner is running, it is not recommended to open the windows wide open.


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