7 tips for organizing the ventilation system in the apartment


Ventilation is exactly what is always present in a living space and at the same time, it is never noticed by anyone. Ventilation is noticed only when, for some reason, it ceases to function normally. It is in order not to think about it, but just to feel comfortable, ventilation must be organized correctly. Ventilation can be natural or forced. The simplest and most familiar is natural. These are the usual vents, windows and ventilation shafts with bars in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Forced is much more complicated and can be supply, exhaust or combined — supply and exhaust and most often complements natural deficiency.

Firstly, according to existing standards, calculate the amount of supply air required for a comfortable existence for each person. The largest amount is needed in the kitchen, the average in the bathroom and the smallest in the living areas.

Secondly, to inspect the existing natural system. And check the presence of air flow in the mine itself in the simplest and oldest way — with an open flame, simply by bringing a burning candle in the grate (a match or a lighter, for example). If the flame deviated towards the hood — everything is in order, if not — the shaft needs to be cleaned, perhaps a dove nested comfortably there or it just clogged with all sorts of rubbish. If, even after cleaning the mine, nothing has changed and the air does not circulate naturally, then it will be necessary to organize a forced one.

Thirdly, to decide on the type of forced or modernization of natural ventilation. If there is an exhaust hood in the ventilation shaft, but the house is still stuffy, then only the supply air will be needed. If there is no air flow in a clean mine, then not only supply, but also exhaust will be needed. If there is current, but not enough, then it is quite possible that it will be enough to ensure that there are gaps at the interior doors (these are gaps of a couple of centimeters or grilles in their lower part are required), the possibility of providing natural ventilation at plastic windows.

Fourth, if you need only supply ventilation, decide on its type. It can be the simplest window or wall valve, a mechanical ventilator, a breather, or even an expensive and complex mechanically actuated system.

Fifth, choose the desired option for forced exhaust. The most common option is a kitchen or bathroom hood. You may need a fan with a check valve built into the ventilation grill.

Sixthly, if necessary, choose the option with both inflow and outflow of air. It can be a heat exchanger, a split system, or just two of the simplest different devices — an inlet valve for air intake and a fan for a full exhaust.

Seventh, do not forget that even the simplest hood in the form of a simple ventilation shaft needs maintenance at least occasionally, let alone complex modern systems that can only be serviced by specialists.

Of course, you can exist in a damp room with stale air and mold on the walls, but this will be just existence. In order to be cozy and comfortable, you need completely inconspicuous and properly organized ventilation. And it doesn’t matter at all what kind of ventilation will provide the ideal microclimate — simple natural or complex forced, the main thing is that the air will be fresh, the walls will be free of mold, and the windows will not be foggy.


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