3 ways to get rid of dampness in the garage

Dampness in the garage is a topical problem that many owners of such buildings are constantly struggling with. The issue is especially acute for those who park their car or other vehicle there, because high humidity is the main cause of corrosion damage to body parts.

If you do not solve the problem, over time, mold and fungus, an unpleasant smell of dampness, and rust on metal products will appear in the garage. This can lead to damage to things stored in the room, destruction of the structure, and the most unpleasant thing is that it is extremely unsafe for people to often and for a long time in such a damp space.

Why dampness appears, how to get rid of it, whether it is worth buying a dehumidifier for a garage — these issues will be discussed in the article. Read on!

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Why does dampness “settle” in the garage?

In order to get rid of dampness in the garage once and for all, you must first determine its sources. Knowing the causes of high humidity, it is easier to fix the problem and use climate equipment more rationally.

So, the main and most common sources of dampness in the garage are:


An improperly made or completely missing ventilation system is the main cause of moisture accumulation in the garage. After all, it is the ventilation that takes the air streams filled with liquid and takes them out into the street, at the same time filling the room with fresh air. There is no air exchange — it will not be possible to avoid dampness inside.


Through the earthen floor, missing or poor-quality waterproofing, dampness from the outside actively seeps into the garage. It will help to solve the problem: professional sheathing of the room with waterproofing materials, elimination of all cracks, concreting of surfaces.

Another common cause of high humidity in the garage is proximity to groundwater. As a rule, such objects are not built on such sites, but if the building is already standing, you can lower the groundwater level, thereby increasing the protection of the building from moisture penetration.

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Dampness in the garage: what to do

Based on the main reasons for the appearance of dampness in the garage, logical solutions to the problem also arise, namely:

Make ventilation (natural and supply and exhaust)

Having provided the room with high-quality air exchange, partial disposal of moisture in the atmosphere is guaranteed. But it will not be possible to completely forget about it, especially in the cold and damp seasons.

Install air conditioner

A good way to dry the garage from dampness, but not universal. Because if the garage is not heated and the temperature is kept at 0 ° C, then the air conditioner will not cope with such an abundance of moisture.

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Use a dehumidifier

The best solution is to dry the garage from dampness, as well as regularly maintain the correct microclimate in the room. Dehumidifiers of adsorption type cope especially well with high humidity. These devices are just designed for use in a wide temperature range (from -30 ° C to + 40 ° C), therefore they are ideal for such unheated buildings.

But if your garage has problems with high humidity only during the winter months, then you can use an industrial dehumidifier of a condensation type (provided that the building is heated during the cold seasons).

We draw a conclusion: The most effective way to get rid of dampness in the garage is to make good combined ventilation (natural + mechanical) and install an adsorption dehumidifier. About the main «chips» of the latter — read in the next section.

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5 reasons to install a dehumidifier in your garage

The main advantages of using this climatic equipment for drying non-residential buildings:

Full automation – human intervention is only required to set the settings and empty the condensate tank (the latter task can be eliminated by installing a drainage system).

Business continuity — operates around the clock 12 months a year.

Additional heating — at the outlet, the dehumidifier produces regenerated air 10-15°C warmer than at the inlet, thereby slightly warming the air inside.

High productivity – effective at very high and low external temperatures (1-35°С / 5-35°С / -30-+40°С / -15-+35°С).

economy – Compared to air conditioners, appliances consume an average of 30% less electricity.

Moreover, thanks to the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant, the device is absolutely harmless to humans. All these «pluses» make the dehumidifier ideal for maintaining the required level of humidity in the garage and other similar buildings.

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But in order for the dehumidifier to 100% get rid of dampness in the garage, you need to choose the right device, based on a number of nuances. The employees of the Pobut online store know all the intricacies of this equipment, so they will be happy to help you purchase the ideal device for your premises. Call: (097) 586 81 58.

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