Mobile air conditioners are a real salvation for those who, for whatever reason, do not have the opportunity or need to install a more complex system. That’s because they come in a compact package that takes up little space. Another key advantage of this type of climate technology is its price. Compared to split systems, it costs an order of magnitude cheaper. And thanks to this, everyone can buy mobile air conditioners at an affordable price.

The second, no less important advantage is the ease of installation. Installation of mobile air conditioners is very easy, and any buyer will cope with this task. It is enough just to put the monoblock in the right place, and then connect the corrugated hose with one end to the climate control equipment, and with the other end to the adapter, which is placed in the hole of the window or wall.

If necessary, a mobile air conditioner can be easily moved from room to room — the benefit of transport wheels is provided for this. And this feature of them, combined with compact dimensions, allows you to maintain a comfortable microclimate in all rooms. Each device has certain features and is good in its own way. In the presented TOP of mobile air conditioners, for your convenience, our experts have selected the most popular models that have proven themselves best among the customers of the Vencon online store. The rating includes functional mobile air conditioners that are the leaders in sales this season. In a word, everyone will find here the optimal solution for themselves.

1. Cooper&Hunter CH-M09K6S

«A lifesaver» in creating the ideal microclimate.

Cooper&Hunter CH-M09K6S rating of the best mobile air conditioners

Product from the rating

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Built-in freon R-32.

Low noise «More Silence».

«Guard Box» system — fire protection.

High degree of protection against power surges.

5 levels of «V-protect» protection.

Prevention of refrigerant leakage.

Protection against incorrect temperature conditions.

No compressor errors.

Antifreeze system.

Possibility to select the fan speed.

Noise level (min/med/max) at dB(A) 46/48/51.


A modern device is indispensable in rooms where space is quite limited, and it is simply necessary to maintain optimal air performance. Where there is no place for a standard air conditioner, its mobile version will help.

Cooper&Hunter CH-M09K6S, not only perfectly copes with its duties, but is also convenient to use. The wheels make it easy to move from one room to another. Always control the noise level during operation — you can independently adjust the device to your needs. There is a night mode, and it is also possible to choose the option of drying — as a prevention of mold formation due to high humidity.

Security is the second name of the Cooper&Hunter mobile air conditioner. All thanks to the built-in 5-level protection system «V-protect». Voltage drops, freon leakage, freezing, failure in temperature control and compressor operation are no longer terrible. The device can be safely used for a long time — the risk of fire is excluded. The Guard Box system protects against spontaneous combustion.

The device provides for adjusting the fan speed — you can choose from 3 possible ones using the FAN button. Which mobile air conditioner is better? The one where, in addition to everything else, the manufacturer not only equipped the air conditioner with a control panel, but also thought out the presence of a special latch for it on the case. Forget about the situation when you cannot find the remote control at the right time — it will be in its place.

Also, the direction of the air flow will be under control. Here the adjustment takes place manually (blinds — vertical). On the LED display, you can always observe the parameters performed at a certain moment of the action. There is a safety lock against accidental pressing.

The air conditioner is quite economical, an important aspect — it consumes only 0.5 watts in standby mode. Thanks to the timer in the Cooper & Hunter brand device, it is possible to set automatic on / off. In the event of a breakdown, all information about the result of self-diagnosis is displayed on the screen. And in case of a sudden shutdown from the network, power outages, the set settings do not go astray — they are automatically restored.

Expert comment: mobile air conditioning equipment is useful to absolutely everyone. The acquisition is especially relevant if it is not possible to install a standard wall model.

2. Ardesto ACM-09CRN7

If you cool — then according to the latest technology!

Ardesto ACM-09CRN7 top mobile air conditioners

Product from the rating

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Design 2019.

Air filter.

Heat exchanger with special anti-corrosion coating.

Compressor GMCC (Midea-Toshiba).

Availability of additional features.

Refrigerant R290.

The minimum noise level of the indoor unit is 47 dB.

Can’t imagine installing a full-fledged split system in your home or office? This is not a sentence for an optimal microclimate — portable appliances are specifically designed to work efficiently without the need for installation and the availability of the necessary space for this.

This Ardesto mobile air conditioner is equipped not only with basic functions — there are also additional modes (work timer, sleep mode, airflow adjustment). The device works perfectly for cooling the air even in the hottest weather, economically consumes electricity, and is quite multifunctional.

You can control the portable air conditioner both through the panel and using the remote control. By setting the night mode, optimal performance in the room will be ensured with low energy consumption. In auto mode, the device will turn on after a certain time. This is a great option for when you want to get back to a cool apartment or office. The operating temperature range is 17-35 degrees, high-quality cooling is possible on an area of ​​25 sq.m.

Thanks to the dehumidification function in the device of the Ardesto brand, you will control not only temperature indicators, but also the level of humidity. This is an excellent prevention of the appearance of mold, the spread of fungus. The built-in filter cleans the air you and your family breathe. Allergens, dust, harmful microorganisms are not terrible.

The heat exchanger is made of aluminum, on top there is a protective coating that prevents corrosion, mold, etc. The R290 refrigerant used, of course, is inferior in terms of environmental friendliness and safety to devices with R-32 — which is why Ardesto ACM-09CRN7 is not the first in our rating of mobile air conditioners.

Expert comment: what you should pay attention to is the minimum noise level of 47 dB. If you need to cool the bedroom while you sleep, it can be a little distracting. But this moment is purely individual.

3. Neoclima NSU-09AMB

What is snow to me, what is heat to me — when Neoclima is with me!

Top mobile air conditioners Neoclima NSU-09AMB - the best choice

Product from the rating

Mobile air conditioner Neoclima NSU-09AMB

Not available

R-410A |

Air conditioner type:
mobile |

Room area, m²:
25 |

Heating power, kW:
2.50 |

Cooling power, kW:
2.60 |

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Cooling / ventilation / dehumidification / heating operation.

Energy efficiency class for cooling — A.

LG compressor.

The energy efficiency class for heating is A+.

Built-in condensate evaporation system.

Equipped with rubber wheels.

Noise level — 46, 49 and 52 dB.

It is not always possible to install air conditioning in the house and work space. There can be many reasons for this — rented housing, insufficient space, lack of permits, etc. But this does not mean that now you have to put up with discomfort due to extreme heat or cold.

Neoclima brand portable devices will come to the rescue. They perfectly cope with their tasks, have extensive functionality and are reliable in use (using R410a ozone-safe freon). They work not only for cooling, but also for heating, dehumidification, ventilation of the room. With the fact that the air temperature for heating is not limited.

The Neoclima mobile air conditioner is equipped with a high-quality LG compressor. When switching to the heating mode, a sufficiently high energy efficiency is provided — especially when compared with similar devices that operate at the expense of heating elements.

Users will also be pleased with the condensate evaporation system in Neoclima NSU-09AMB. During operation, it will be necessary to drain condensate much less frequently. You can adjust the air flow, turn on the timer and sleep mode. The rubberized wheels make it easy to move the device without leaving marks on the floor or creating unnecessary noise in the process.

Expert comment: the device is characterized by increased mobility, and among similar equipment it has the lowest noise level during operation.

4. Midea MPPD-09CRN1

A small, but daring fighter against the sweltering heat.

Midea MPPD-09CRN1 in the ranking of the best mobile air conditioners

Product from the rating

Mobile air conditioner Midea MPPD-09CRN1

Not available

R-410A |

Air conditioner type:
mobile |

Room area, m²:
25 |

Cooling power, kW:
2.64 |

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Aluminum heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating.

The «Singer Up» system is provided.

Increased wettability of the heat exchanger.

The presence of a timer 24 hours.

There is a night mode.

High heat transfer of the heat exchanger.

Ease of movement.

Auto restart after power outage.

Laconic design.

There are LED indicators.


Cooling only work.

Noise level 51 dB.

If it is not possible to install specialized climate control equipment in a house or workroom for a number of reasons, this is not a sentence. Portable devices come to the rescue, which are able to cope with the task of cooling the air no worse than the usual equipment. At the same time, mobile devices are more affordable financially.

The design of Midea MPPD-09CRN1 does not provide for an external unit. The portable device is ready for use immediately after purchase. Everyone will understand the controls, the remote control that comes with the package adds convenience. Although all settings are easily made on the instrument panel, all parameters are displayed on the LED display. The ‘+’ and “-“ buttons allow you to set the required temperature in the room, where from 17 to 30 degrees.

It is worth paying attention to the feature of the heat exchanger in the device brand Midea. It is made of aluminum with a special hydrophilic coating. Due to this, the ability to quickly remove condensate from the indoor unit is noted, which eliminates the likelihood of mold and mildew.

The «Singer Up» system of one of the best mobile air conditioners ensures that this condensate is eliminated by a pump or by spraying onto the surface of a hot heat exchanger. While the area of ​​the latter is increased (by means of the Innergrove cooper notch), the power consumption does not increase at all. On the contrary, it is reduced, and heat transfer is increased by 28%.

We also note the function of dehumidifying the air in the room — you can keep the humidity level under control within normal limits. Thanks to the timer, you can organize the on / off of the Midea mobile air conditioner, adjusting its operation to your own needs. After a sudden power outage, the device will restart. As a result of self-diagnosis, you will respond to failures and problems in a timely manner.

Expert comment: the conditioner will perfectly fit into any interior — all thanks to minimalistic design and compactness.

5. Ballu Platinum Comfort BPHS-11H

He knows everything about the delicate approach to creating a microclimate in the house.

The best mobile air conditioners Ballu Platinum Comfort BPHS-11H

Product from the rating

Mobile air conditioner Ballu Platinum Comfort BPHS-11H

Not available

R-410A |

Air conditioner type:
mobile |

Room area, m²:
25 |

Heating power, kW:
2.49 |

Cooling power, kW:
3.05 |

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Refrigerant R410a.

Energy efficiency class for cooling — A.

4 operating modes.

There is a 24 hour timer.

3 airflow speeds.

Chassis for moving the device.

Touch control.

Automatic blinds.

The presence of an informative display.

There is a night mode.

Stylish design.


Noise level 45 dB.

Who doesn’t want to plunge into a pleasant coolness on a grueling summer day? But for someone, the dream is to work and relax in a room cooled to a comfortable temperature. All due to the fact that there is no way to purchase or install a powerful split system or the usual stationary air conditioner. Limited space, lack of permits, high cost — there can be many reasons. But in this case, Ballu mobile air conditioners come to the rescue.

The latest model in the Platinum Comfort line perfectly combines functionality and style. Easily normalizes the indoor climate up to 25 sq.m. Works for cooling and heating, and additionally there is an option for dehumidification and ventilation.

In Ballu Platinum Comfort BPHS-11H, it is possible to adjust the air flow rate, and together with the automatic movement of the blinds, it will be possible to organize cooling or heating as accurately as possible.

The device will create comfortable conditions at home, in the office, workshop or salon. The required temperature indicators will be reached quickly and without unnecessary energy consumption. The air conditioner is quite economical, and it should also be noted that there is a night mode, which is designed to maintain the optimum temperature with minimal power consumption.

Portable climate control equipment of the Ballu brand is ergonomic and easy to use. Provided:

  • chassis for moving;
  • comfortable handles;
  • touch control panel;
  • special holder for the remote control;
  • programmable timer 24 hours;
  • night mode.

The manufacturer uses R410a refrigerant, which is safe for both the user and the ozone layer (the ozone depleting potential of the substance is reduced to zero).

Expert comment: for a mobile air conditioner, the dehumidification capacity is up to 25 l / day. This means that the device will not only bring the temperature to the desired level, but also eliminate the formation of mold and other troubles due to high humidity.

6.Idea IPN-09CR-SA7-N1 Samurai

“Invisible Air Conditioner” — cools and does not catch your eye once again.

Idea IPN-09CR-SA7-N1 Samurai rating of the best mobile air conditioners

Product from the rating

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Work on cooling, dehumidification, ventilation.

The technology «Singler-UP» is provided.

3 minute protection function.

Timer 24 hours.


The refrigerant used is R410a.

Anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger.

Convenient rollers for moving.


Noise level — 55 dB.

Work only in the «cold».

The main feature, and therefore the advantage of the best mobile air conditioners over large split systems, is that there is no need for installation. The primary task of the portable device is also to cool the air in the room to a predetermined level. Small size, weight, ergonomics and reasonable price are what make the Idea mobile air conditioner even more popular. If necessary, the device can be easily moved to another part of the room or even transferred to a neighboring room, taken with you to the country house, etc.

Despite the convenience and ease of use, it is still worth noting the need for the correct location of the duct (provided for in the window). It is also important that the Panda-style remote control and a plastic air vent are included in the delivery.

The Idea IPN-09CR-SA7-N1 Samurai is controlled using the touch panel, information about the indicators will be displayed on the display. In the event of a malfunction, the device will immediately notify you of this — self-diagnosis is regularly carried out. Which is also convenient and economical. Thanks to the presence of a timer, you can set the device to work in such a way that it turns off when the required temperature is reached. Auto-restart will allow you to save all the parameters and return to work at the stage at which the operation of the device was interrupted.

With the «Singer Up» system in the Idea brand appliance, condensation is minimized. All this is due to the fact that the accumulated water is sprayed over the heated surface of the heat exchanger. The manufacturer uses ozone-friendly refrigerant R410a.

Expert comment: The presented model will ideally fit into any interior, even in the most limited space. The device is easy to transport, easy to operate, has an affordable price.

7. Electrolux EACM-15 CL/N3_Loft

Solid ergonomics and endless comfort.

The best mobile air conditioner Electrolux EACM- 15 CL / N3_Loft

Product from the rating

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Work in 3 modes.

Equipped with automatic blinds.

Energy Efficiency Class (EER) — A.

Includes remote control, air outlet hose.

Night mode.

There is a 24 hour timer.

Automatic removal of condensate.

Stylish design.

Ease of use.

Noise level 45 dB.

Modern design and ease of use are the main features of the climate technology of the LOFT series of this brand. Low noise level, night mode — points that add attention to the portable model. Now it is possible, if necessary, to leave the device turned on around the clock, without worrying that extra sounds will disturb your sleep.

The Electrolux mobile air conditioner also has a timer to turn it on and off — so you can set the settings in advance so that the room is cooled for your return, or turned off late at night. The device operates in 3 modes:

  • cooling;
  • drainage
  • ventilation.

There is no need for a special condensate drain. The Electrolux brand device provides that moisture will automatically be removed through the duct along with warm air.

Class A energy efficiency indicates the efficiency of the device — energy costs are significantly reduced. Freon R410a is used, which ensures reliable and safe operation of the Electrolux EACM-15 CL/N3_Loft device.

It is very convenient that the package includes a hose for the air duct and a remote control, you do not have to look for and buy additionally.

Expert comment: brand mobile air conditioners will be an excellent solution for home, office, cottage. Where installation of stationary climate control equipment is impossible, portable devices come to the rescue.

8. Cooper&Hunter CH-M12K7S

Only forward — for silence and coolness!

Cooper&Hunter CH-M12K7S top mobile air conditioners

Product from the rating

Mobile air conditioner Cooper&Hunter CH-M12K7S

Not available

R-410A |

Air conditioner type:
mobile |

Room area, m²:
35 |

Heating power, kW:
3.50 |

Cooling power, kW:
3.50 |

+ Advantages

— Flaws


There is a night mode.

24 hour timer.

Auto restart after power off.

5 levels of «V protect» coating protection.

Equipped with LED display.

Dehumidification option.

Power 0.5 W in standby mode.

Vertical blinds.

Fire protection.

Noise level 47 dB.

Don’t want or can’t install a wall mounted air conditioner? Mobile options for climate technology are perfect as an alternative. Compactness, efficiency and ease of movement will make the use of the device as useful as possible. It will not violate the integrity of the interior, but on the contrary, it will harmoniously fit into it.

5-level coating protection provides a long and reliable service Cooper&Hunter CH-M12K7S:

  • Freon leakage prevention.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Elimination of compressor errors.
  • Voltage surge protection.
  • Antifreeze protection.

During operation, the Cooper&Hunter mobile air conditioner makes no noise. The manufacturer did not forget about the standard functions that ensure the efficiency of the device. We are talking about a timer, self-diagnosis, blocking after all settings are set, automatic restart in case of a sudden power outage. You will never miss the moment when maintenance is needed — even with a slight malfunction, the information will be shown on the display. Functioning in AUTO mode is an additional convenience, because the air conditioner will work based on the indicators in the room.

With the help of vertical blinds, everyone can set the direction of the air flow, based on their own needs. The internal filter is quick and easy to clean. Do not worry about the likelihood of mold in high humidity in the air — the device has a dehumidification option.

The efficiency of Cooper&Hunter brand equipment lies in the reduced power consumption when operating in standby mode. In this case, it is 0.5 W. The «More Silence» function will allow you to enjoy a pleasant coolness without annoying extraneous sounds. Why is this not the best mobile air conditioner?

Expert comment: light weight and size, affordable price, no need for installation — the main advantages of this mobile air conditioner.

9. Zanussi ZACM-08 MP-III/N1

Stop counting kilowatts — cool without worries.

Rating of mobile air conditioners Zanussi ZACM-08 MP-III/N1

Product from the rating

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Work in the modes of cooling, dehumidification, ventilation.

There is an air filter.

Night mode is provided.

Built-in 24 hour timer.

Operation indication.

Remote control included.

Choice of blowing speed.

Automatic restart.

Noise level 50 dB.

Doesn’t work for heating.

Comfort and pleasant pastime in the apartment, house, office will provide high-quality climate technology. If there is no opportunity, time and money to install a split system or even a small stationary air conditioner, portable portable ones will come to the rescue.

Zanussi brand appliances can be easily moved from room to room — installation is not required. Setting up and maintaining equipment is as clear and simple as possible. Thanks to the automatic removal of condensate, you do not need to think through this point additionally. The presented device is really multifunctional, allows you to perform high-quality air exchange and air treatment.

Zanussi ZACM-08 MP-III / N1 is equipped with an electronic control panel through which the device is controlled. The package comes with a remote control. Due to the indicators, the user is always aware of the temperature indicators, as well as in a timely manner in the course of malfunctions and malfunctions. When night mode is selected, the device operates quietly and uses less power. This is another «bun» of the Zanussi mobile air conditioner.

Expert comment: in addition to the main task of cooling the room, ventilation and air dehumidification are also provided to optimal performance. The blowing speed can also be independently determined — high, medium or low.

10. Ergo ACM-0907C

Ideal where split systems do not belong.

Ergo ACM-0907C mobile air conditioner - rating of the best

Product from the rating

Mobile air conditioner Ergo ACM-0907C

Not produced

R-410A |

Air conditioner type:
mobile |

Room area, m²:
25 |

Cooling power, kW:
2.64 |

+ Advantages

— Flaws

Automatic evaporation of condensate.

Dehumidification option.

Intelligent control.

Fan start delay.


Auto restart.

Ozone-safe refrigerant R410A.

Energy efficiency EER (cooling) — E.

Energy efficiency COP (heating) — G.

You should not feel discomfort from the heat and endure if it is not possible to install a stationary air conditioner. After all, you can resort to using its mobile version. And here are the positives:

  • no need to mount;
  • can be transported;
  • does not take up much space in the room;
  • easy to care for;
  • multifunctional.

You only need to connect a special corrugated air outlet to the Ergo mobile air conditioner and enjoy the pleasant coolness. It is convenient to control using the remote control. The condensate evaporates automatically and is removed from the room together with warm air.

The Ergo ACM-0907C has a dehumidification mode, while the temperature will not drop below the value you specify. In automatic mode, the device adjusts to the available parameters in the room at a certain moment, bringing them to the desired level.

It is worth mentioning the convenience of a 24-hour timer, sleep mode, when the device is quieter and uses less electricity.

As soon as the Ergo brand device detects a malfunction, it automatically turns off and displays an error code on the display. Care will not cause problems — the coarse filter is easy to wash, if there is no need to use the device, you can put it in the corner of a room or pantry. The manufacturer used ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A.

Expert comment: note the presence of the fan start delay function. This is necessary in order to prevent cool air blowing when the heating option is selected in the settings. An important and very convenient option.

Main selection criteria for mobile air conditioners

We compared mobile air conditioners in this rating taking into account the main criteria. It is they who are able to display all the advantages of the devices and help make the right choice:

  • Functional. Mobile air conditioners, like stationary ones, may differ in a different set of functions. This may be the presence of an automatic operation option, a timer, night mode, automatic condensate removal, indication, etc.
  • Operating modes. Climate technology can be designed not only for cooling, but also for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation of indoor air.
  • Cooling power. This parameter will determine how quickly the required temperature indicator in the room will be reached.
  • Noise level. Quieter models (45, 46 dB) are perfectly compatible with rest rooms. If the noise level is slightly higher, this will not affect the performance of the device in any way — look for one where it would be possible to select a night mode. Then even a slight hum will not interfere with sleep.
  • The area of ​​the room where efficient work is ensured. Even a device with great functionality, but not designed for cooling in rooms of a certain size, will not be able to cope with the tasks. It is always important to consider this criterion when choosing, along with other important ones for you personally.
  • Profitability. Here, the focus is on the energy efficiency class, and hence the ability to reduce electricity consumption. Optimal — A and A +.
  • Dimensions and weight. Although mobile air conditioners are all characterized by the absence of the need for installation and small size. But you can also choose the most convenient and suitable for your room.
  • Design. You can choose both a universal device of classic design, and a more suitable one for your interior. Personal preference and adherence to innovation also play a role.
  • Price. Portable air conditioners are more affordable than stationary ones — that’s for sure. But the cost of devices also varies among themselves — it is important not to overpay for functions, equipment, etc. that are unnecessary for you.

The devices that we focused on in this rating of mobile air conditioners have proven themselves not only in the eyes of users, but also experts. Ergonomics, versatility, no need to organize installation work, affordable price — these are just some of the main advantages of portable climate control equipment. Study the differences, features of popular models, highlight criteria that are significant specifically for you and feel free to make a purchase. If necessary, our Vencon experts are ready to help and provide competent advice.


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