Is there such a person who would not dream of doing a renovation? This desire is promoted by both advertising and the services of construction companies that offer this type of repair work.

But, to tell the truth, who really knows and can explain in their own words what a renovation is? And how is it different from the usual? And what stages does it consist of?

Tough questions, right? Therefore, in this article we will just consider them and figure out what is the peculiarity of European-quality repair.

What is euro repair and how does it differ from the usual one?

What is euro repair and how does it differ from the usual one?

For the first time, they learned about such a concept as «euro repair» in the early 90s. Then this word meant repair work performed according to European standards. Moreover, using expensive imported materials.

Today, the term has taken on a different meaning. Now it’s just a modern renovation, made using the latest technology, new design trends and high-quality building materials. As a result, it turns out to catch 2 birds with one stone: to realize creative design ideas, as well as to create comfortable, beautiful and cozy housing.

As a matter of fact, European-quality repair is a usual capital turnkey elite repair as builders call it. Only during operation, special materials are used that meet specific requirements and European standards. And not only from foreign, but also from domestic brands.

I must say that manufacturers from the CIS countries produce fairly high-quality building materials, which are almost identical to their foreign counterparts in terms of basic indicators. But they are many times cheaper than they attract attention. So today it is not difficult to find finishing materials from domestic brands that are optimal in terms of price and quality.

Another condition: renovation of housing must be carried out under the supervision of the designer. First, he develops a design project in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Secondly, it monitors the work of builders.

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Renovation of housing should be carried out under the supervision of the designer

If you save on European-style repairs and do it on your own, it will not be the same at all. Renovation is not just a major overhaul, and even more so not a cosmetic one. This is a completely different category of repair work. Here you need a professional approach to business, and therefore it is necessary to entrust such a task to experienced craftsmen.

The main types of renovation of housing

The main types of renovation of housing

Renovation of a building may include a different list of works. Depending on this, it happens:

  • cosmetic;
  • capital;
  • exclusive.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the subspecies.

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Cosmetic renovation

Cosmetic euro repair is considered the easiest option. And, accordingly, the most common. It includes simple tasks that do not require a lot of time. Therefore, at a price such renovation is available to almost everyone. It is performed, as a rule, once every 5-7 years.

Cosmetic renovation

Redecoration is intended for those people who want to update the interior of the house, arrange everything in a different style, change boring colors to others. The supporting structures of the premises are preserved, only the “appearance” changes.

During the cosmetic renovation, the following are performed:

  • dismantling works;
  • wall puttying and wallpapering;
  • scraping and varnishing of parquet floors;
  • flooring replacement;
  • coloring of heating pipes;
  • replacing doors and windows.

Cosmetic repairs for those people who want to update the interior of the house

Major renovation

Major renovation

Capital renovation is already more labor-intensive work. It is carried out, as they say, «once and for a long time.» During a major overhaul, redevelopment, replacement of electrical wiring, and piping are necessarily done (for example, for installing a main filter for water purification). And for finishing works, high-quality materials with a service life of 10 years are chosen.

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Capital renovation is already more labor-intensive work

Mandatory items of major renovation:

  • redevelopment of housing;
  • perfect alignment of walls, floors and ceilings;
  • replacement of utilities.

During a major overhaul, redevelopment is necessarily done.

In terms of time, it already takes from 2 to 4 months. And at a cost, it also comes out more expensive than a cosmetic renovation. But the result is appropriate: impeccable housing that retains its appearance for decades.

Exclusive renovation

Exclusive renovation

Exclusive renovation (or eurolux) is intended for wealthy customers. It is the most expensive, because it involves the implementation of a huge list of complex work. Often the interior is decorated with handmade elements: wall painting, stucco, mosaics.

In terms of time, such repairs last at least 4 months. Its main difference from the capital one is the use of prestigious finishing materials:

  • natural marble;
  • valuable wood species;
  • natural stone, etc.

Also, high-quality building materials are purchased from well-known world brands that produce exclusive products.

Exclusive renovation (or eurolux) is intended for wealthy customers

The cost of such repairs directly depends on the price of the selected materials. And on the level of complexity of the upcoming work.

Of course, you can trust such European-quality repairs only to real professionals who know how to work with expensive materials. And who are able to perform complex work such as wall decoration with Venetian plaster or marble cladding.

How euro repairs are performed indoors: the main stages

How euro repairs are performed indoors: the main stages

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In general, euro renovation of the premises is carried out in 5 stages:

  1. Design project development.
  2. Demolition work.
  3. Installation of engineering communications.
  4. Black finish.
  5. Clean finish.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

Design project development

The designer is the first to get involved. He listens to the wishes of the customer and, based on this information, creates a design project. And he will oversee the repair until the moment when all the furniture is installed in the house and the lighting fixtures are connected.

Design project development

The design project is the basis of everything. It buys finishing and building materials. And it also calculates the cost of European-quality repairs.

Dismantling works

At this stage, the old finish is dismantled. And at the same time, redevelopment of housing is being carried out. That is, old partitions are demolished or new partitions are installed to combine or separate rooms, respectively. In some cases, new openings for windows and doors are made.

Dismantling works

For redevelopment, you need to obtain permission from the relevant services. But if the European-quality repair is carried out by a construction company, then it usually takes care of this. It is not the first time for them to receive permits, as they have repeatedly done this for their other clients.

Installation of engineering communications

During renovation, electrical wiring is often changed. Moreover, it is carried out as indicated in the design project — taking into account the new location of sockets, switches, lamps.

A separate nuance is the wiring of cables for powerful equipment with high power consumption. For example, for a washing machine or air conditioning system. For each device, it is desirable to conduct a separate line from the switchboard.

Installation of engineering communications

Plumbing pipes are replaced with modern ones (made of plastic) and then hidden in the wall. New heating radiators are also selected, which are installed instead of old cast iron ones.

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Rough finish

Rough finish

At this stage, the surfaces are leveled. All surfaces and corners must be perfectly flat. After all, high quality is the basis of European-quality repair. Walls and ceilings are leveled with plaster mortars or drywall. And for the floor, special mixtures based on cement are selected.

fine finish

At this stage, new finishing materials are being installed:

  • decorative plasters, painting, wallpaper are used for walls;
  • for the floor — decorative parquet or cork;
  • for ceilings — gypsum stucco, beautiful wallpaper.

fine finish

These are standard solutions, but elite materials are usually used for European-quality repairs. For example, a carved wooden ceiling is considered an unusual solution. Agree, this is much more original than ordinary wallpaper — no matter how beautiful they are.

Also at this stage, all plumbing is installed. And here, too, they choose expensive solutions. For example, a functional shower cabin with a huge number of options, a hot tub, a bidet, etc.

Renovation — modern renovation made for decades

Renovation - modern renovation made for decades

Thus, renovation is a great way to realize the most unusual and original ideas for interior design. Its main difference from other types of repair is the use of expensive elite materials. With their appearance alone, they make the room stylish, presentable, cozy.

And this interior has been preserved for decades. Firstly, because branded materials have a long service life. Secondly, because European-quality repairs are carried out by professionals who know their business and perform all work using the latest technologies.

So if you don’t want to do minor cosmetic repairs every 5 years, then this option is just what you need. Usually renovation is performed once in a lifetime. And then it remains just to enjoy a comfortable life in a cozy home. And not only to you, but also to your children and even grandchildren.


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